Top 10 Events That Confirms Your Being a Baby Boomer

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Truth to tell, we evade the prospect of facing the reality that one reaches the threshold of becoming a deteriorating baby boomer. Needless to say, I am presenting here the list of top 10 indicators of a full-fledged baby boomer.


long hair audacious earrings

You are a full-fledged baby boomer if you vividly remember the time when long hair and the audacious earrings worn by men were considered more than just fashion trends. If you identify with those people who consider Harleys as not just for the nouveau rich, then you definitely are a genuine baby boomer.


full-fledged baby boomer

You suddenly find yourself blurting out to your children the same hateful lines that you have been hearing from your parents when you were still young. As soon as you start to believe what you are saying, then it is an indication that you are a full-fledged baby boomer.


old radio

You are a full-fledged baby boomer if you are still hooked with AM sounds when everyone in the family are spending their time with MP3s. You also fail to find the reason why most of your children enjoy watching the MTVs.


police pull over

You are a full-fledged baby boomer if the police and most people start calling you sir or ma’am. The funny thing about the whole situation is that you feel that they are sincere when they address you as such. But no worry though, you will still be issued your citation ticket.


better pension

If you are beginning to find a significant drop to your pension payout with the company that you are presently working then indeed you are a full fledged baby boomer. If you suddenly feel the need to plan for your retirement as if you will not receive any pension at all then indeed you belong to the league of baby boomers.

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