Top 10 Small Gadgets Making Our Lives Easier

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6. Microwave Ovens
Microwave Ovens

Try heating up your food on the gas range – you will be yearning for the convenience of a microwave oven. Mainly used to heat up food, it can also be safely used for cooking. The convenience of being able to use it with all variety of crockery (except for metal dishes) has made it the most popular gadget in a kitchen.


7. ATM Cards
ATM Cards

This tiny little gadget that sits in your wallet, has made a visit to the bank superfluous. Money is easily available, bank statements are also accessible, and you can access your money anywhere in the world.


8. Toasters

Hot, freshly buttered toast, there are few things as delicious as this. A great breakfast gadget, the harassed housewife, the hurried executive, the hungry child, they all turn to a toaster for nourishment.


9. Coffee Machines
Coffee Machines

They come in all shapes and sizes and qualities, but the basic purpose is just one – a good hot cup of freshly brewed coffee. The economies of many coffee producing nations owe a lot to this omnipresent gadget.


10. Cheese Grater
Cheese Grater

A very tiny kitchen gadget, but ask anyone who cooks it is a great gadget to have. It grates everything from cheese to onions to potatoes, and it also occasionally slices some of these ingredients.

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