Top 10 Interesting Facts About Sex

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6. Sperm rejuvenates and tightens the skin

sperm and skin

The protein component of the sperm makes it an ideal anti-aging skin treatment! When it is left to dry on the skin, the protein is retained and helps eliminate skin wrinkles.


7. Sex can cure headaches

cure headaches

If you are suffering from a nagging headache, then a good round of sex may be just what you need. So the next time that your sexual advances are refused by your partner because of headache, cite this amazing fact about sex to him or her.


8. The first versions of condoms were made out of linen or animal intestine

first versions of condoms

The first ever documented use of condom was during the 15th century in China. It was made of animal intestine or silk paper. In Japan, their version of condoms was made from animal horn or tortoise shell.


9. Pubic Wigs worn by Victorian prostitutes

Pubic Wigs

During the Victorian age, it is a common practice of prostitutes to wear wig made from pubic hair. This is a popular practice by most prostitutes in order to conceal their problem with syphilis.


10. Sex is good way to lose weight

Sex to lose weight

Researches have proven that, on the average, one can get rid of 26 calories through a minute of kissing. Further, a half hour of steamy sex can result to 150 calories burned.


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