Top 10 Most Controversial Songs

The following are some of the songs which are controversial for a number of different reasons. They are featured in the controversial songs category because of targeting police, ex-wives and Queens, or simply having references to drugs and other taboo subjects.


1. ‘Louie Louie’ by The Kingsmen

Louie Louie The Kingsmen

Considered to be a very dirty song during the 50’s, the song had to go through a FBI investigation. The un-intelligible lyrics in the song were considered to be obscene by the FBI which however did not file charges. The song is still listed as one among the top 10 biggest and most controversial hits.


2. ‘Used to Love Her’ by Guns N’ Roses

Used to Love Her Guns N Roses

This song was about killing a woman whom a man used to love and this sentiment was expressed through the song by Guns N’ Roses. This was portrayed as just a joke, but many females did not think of it that way.


3. ‘Kim’ by Eminem

Kim by Eminem

At the end of the 90’s Eminem appeared on this music scene and the songs sung by this white rapper had explicit and hateful messages. It basically talks about Eminem’s hatred for his ex-wife. Though the song in itself was an evidence of free speech, it was also disliked by many and featured in the controversial song list.


4. ‘Cop Killer’ by Blood Count

Cop Killer Body Count

A song about killing cops is sure to get mired in controversy. This song basically was created to protest against police brutality. However the hero in the song is a person who eventually takes the law into his own hands and starts killing police officials who were disobedient to the law themselves. The song became extremely controversial that Ice T had to re-release the album without the song.


5. ‘F*** the Police’ by N.W.A.

F the Police NWA

This song is also a police protest song which was released a few years before ‘Cop Killer’. The song contains some lines about executing police officers and further accuses police officers of leaving their own races. Expressing their dislike for the song, the FBI and Secret Service banned it in many places.


6. ‘God Save the Queen’ by The Sex Pistols

God Save the Queen The Sex Pistols

Though the song has the same name as the British National Anthem, it accuses the Queen of being fascist and goes to the extent of claiming that England has no future. Though the song was banned from the BBC, it became a controversial hit.


7. ‘Darling Nikki’ by Prince

Darling Nikki Prince

This song got national attention even though it is not one of the most well known or reputed songs by Prince. This is the song which caused parental advisory stickers to be stuck on CDs. Like many of other Prince’s songs, this song has lyrics with ample sexual overtones.


8. ‘If U Seek Amy’ by Britney Spears

If U Seek Amy Britney Spears

Britney Spears was disliked by parents mostly because of her dancing, sexual attire and suggestive song lyrics. This song is mostly a silly kind of song which brings some meaning only if you make sense of the sounds of the words by putting it together. Many listeners did not appreciate the obscene messages conveyed through the song.


9. ‘Dear God’ by XTC

Dear God XTC

The message conveyed by this song could not be accepted by many people in the 80’s. The atheist lyrics of the sung which was rendered by a child made it a very controversial one.


10. ‘Suicide Solution’ by Ozzy Osbourne

Suicide Solution Ozzy Osbourne

Though Ozzy was responsible for creating many controversial songs, this was the thought to be the most inferior of all of them. This song also became famous because of the bizarre incident where a teenager shot himself while listening to the song. The song’s lyrics are hotly debated and has been said to contain subliminal messages.

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