Top 10 Children’s books

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When it comes to children’s books, it must not only have a good story line but also include graphics or pictures to capture the child’s imagination effectively. The following is the list of top 10 children’s books.


1. When Dinosaurs Came with Everything
When Dinosaurs Came with Everything

This book is written by Elise Broach and illustrated by David Small. The story is about how a small boy’s errand day is changed using a novel promotional campaign, in which, for no vivid reason, he gets a dinosaur for everything. The story is narrated from the child’s point of view and is absurd at the same time simple.


2. Today I Will Fly
Today I Will Fly

This book written and illustrated by Mo Willems is about an overtly optimistic pig and his elephant friend. The story book has very few lines per page and hence makes it easy for children to read. Much of the wit in the book comes through from the expressions and repetition of these two animals and their friends.


3. Motherbridge of Love
Motherbridge of Love

Illustrated by Josee Masse, the book is about a girlfriend who adopted a kid. The book has fantastic illustration. The book explains quite lyrically how two mothers can contribute in their own unique way in creating one complete child.


4. Iggy Peck, Architect 
Iggy Peck Architect

This is a rhyming book which is written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts. It can be read by children aloud for more fun. The story is about a kid whose teacher does not recognize his enormous talent. The kid can make buildings from any material such as fruit, chalk or diapers. The teacher learns about this only when the kid uses this skill to save her life.


5. Great Joy  
Great Joy

Great Joy is a tale of a kid’s warm heart on a cold X-mas night. Though the story is old fashioned it brings out the creative talent of the author, Kate Dicamillo. It has a nice moral which is almost timeless and told in a straight forward way.


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