Top Ten TV Cartoon Characters

Cartoons can give us a good laugh. Cartoon shows help us to laugh away our worries because the cartoon characters are funny and carefree. It can be quite relaxing to watch cartoons shows on TV. The following is the list of top 10 cartoon characters.


1. Bugs Bunny

An unbelievably great cartoon character, Bugs Bunny was a creation of Mel Blanc who created the unique voice of the bunny by blending a Brooklyn and Bronx accent. Bugs is noted for his insulting, clever, conniving, slick and sarcastic nature using which he manipulates his enemies to his advantage.


2. Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck is another terrific cartoon character. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck shared a love/hate relationship which was classic and epic. Daffy was noted for his insecure and excitable nature. The dialogue in the show is smart, clever and has won an extremely large audience over the years and deservedly so.


3. The Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote

This is one cartoon show which can make everyone laugh to his heart’s content. Viewers will definitely end up feeling sad for the Roadrunner. The sad facial expressions of the roadrunner when we find that he has been outwitted again are worth watching.


4. Arthur


Arthur Read stars in a self-titled TV show based on books written by Mark Brown and is televised by PBS and TVO kids in USA and Canada respectively. Each episode runs for 30 minutes with two different stories revolving around the 8-year-old aardvark, Arthur Read, his family and friends. Instead of commercials, PBS has included a 1-2 minute connection from Arthur fans called “Now a Word from us Kids”.


5. Sylvester & Tweety Bird

Sylvester & Tweety Bird show is also one which involves the chase of the innocent by the villain with the innocent one always winning, leaving us feeling sorry for villain. This show adapts the same storyline as the Road Runner, only it has different characters. Tweety is very cute and Sylvester is always thrown outside by old woman.


6. Elmer Fudd
Elmer Fudd

Elmer J. Fudd is one of the most famous Looney Tunes characters and one of the more disputed origins in the Warner Bros cartoon collection. While he is always seen in the pursuit of shooting bugs, he ends up injuring himself and other characters most of the time. His tongue slurs owing to a speech sound disorder.


7. SpongeBob

The TV show SpongeBob Squarepants explores the life of SpongeBob and his friends in an underwater city of Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob is a sponge who is energetic, has a squeeky voice and lives in a pineapple. Today, it is the highest ranking children’s TV show and is a franchise. There are now rides in various theme parks (i.e. Canada’s Wonderland), which are dedicated to SpongeBob. Kids all around the world adore this character.


8. Peter Griffin

Family Guy has been on television for the last 9 seasons. Peter Griffin, the protagonist and leading character in the show is a very popular cartoon character. His character is full of laughs, especially when he tries to fight with Ernie, the Giant Chicken. He represents the typical working class father who is nothing special and not rich….Well except for having a talking baby and dog.


9. Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson

Homer Jay Simpson is the main fictional character of the TV series The Simpsons. Homer is the boorish father of the Simpson family. Marge is his wife and he has 3 children namely Bart, Lisa and Maggie. He is the typical American working class type. Fiercely devoted to his family, Homer is also incompetent, overweight, crude, lazy, clumsy and ignorant.


10. Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit

Roger’s human cartoon wife in the movie and the book, Jessica Rabbit is also one of the sexiest cartoon characters. She is the one over whom her estranged husband, comic strip star Roger Rabbit is fiercely obsessed. She is voiced by Kathleen Turner.

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  1. Stephen Rhodes Treadwell

    I agree Tom and Jerry should be on the list! They should be number 1, especially since the version where they’re friends is so fascinating! Woody Woodpecker & the Pink Panther should be there too.

  2. Stephen Rhodes Treadwell

    I disagree about Bugs being the best. Call me weird but I’m not much of a Bugs Bunny fan. I don’t think Bugs Bunny cartoons are very cute & I think he’s kind of annoying. I don’t consider him a great cartoon character; in fact I don’t consider any Looney Tunes character to be great!


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