Top 10 Misconceptions about Ninja

A lot of us are fascinated by the legends and incredible stories about ninjas. These are the things that haven’t failed to amaze us especially during our younger days. However, it is important that we separate the facts from the myths about the ninja. In this article, we are going to consider the top 10 falsehoods about ninja.

1. Pirates are more skilled than Ninjas

This is one of the more common myths about the ninjas. Not only does it sound incredible, it is also utterly false; and there is not an iota of proof to support this claim about the ninjas and the pirates.

2. Ninjas must have to be fast and swift

This is another myth that was perpetrated by the plethora of movies with ninja theme. In reality, the art of ninjutsu is all about the effective use of the body and it works on the ability to predict the moves of the opponent and not on speed. In fact, speed can be your major undoing when it comes to ninjutsu.

3. Ninjas use ancient weapons

This may be valid but it is not absolute as ninja warriors also train using modern weapons and most of the ancient weapons that we normally refer to are not in the strictest sense “ancient.” Most of these are upgraded ancient weapons.

4. The shuriken is used to attack and kill from a distance

This is not true. In fact, the shuriken is used to stab or slash an opponent at close quarter combat, and when these are thrown, it is primarily to distract the opponent and not really to directly attack and to kill.

5. Ninjutsu has direct reference to the fighting method

The literal meaning of ninjutsu is perseverance and stealth. It is actually about tactics and strategy in fighting. The actual moves by the ninjas generally come from different disciplines of martial arts.

6. Ninjas cannot kill his opponent by touching

This is entirely false as ninjas can actually deal a lethal blow on their opponent using various touches. This pressure that is applied can really result to the instant immobilization and death of their opponents.

7. Ninjas Can vanish into thin air

This myth was born out of one of the major rule of ninjas and that is to get away. Ninjas will avoid direct engagement with their opponents as much as they can. Ninjas usually resort to some distractions and diversionary techniques in order to achieve this.

8. Ninjas wore black clothes and back masks

This is absolutely false. Most modern ninjas wear suits and other modern attires. The image of a masked ninja may be applicable some 800 years ago when the conditions then necessitated for them to hide their identity.

9. As matter of practice, ninjas are capable of catching the opponent’s swords using their bare hands

This is not absolutely true. Most of the maneuvers used by ninjas in defending themselves against a sword-bearing opponent are generally to deflect the weapon. In other instances, ninjas will also rely on his weaponry in fighting an opponent who bears a sword.

10. Ninjas are all mythical characters

The ninjas are real and the art of ninjutsu has been in existence since 800 years ago. Ninja families developed and honed their skills in order to protect their clan from the challenges and attacks of the samurai warriors.

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