Top 10 Most Devastating Hurricanes in U.S History

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Thousands of people were affected by Katrina, the most recent hurricane that struck New Orleans. Katrina is sure to leave her own devastating legacy. The following are some of the hurricanes that preceded the occurrence of hurricane Katrina. All these have also wrecked greater damage in the past. Given below are the top 10 most intense hurricanes excluding Katrina:


1. The Labor Day Hurricane
The Labor Day Hurricane

This is the most severe hurricane to have been recorded in history. It made landfall as category 5 hurricane on September 2, 1935. The pressure was at 892 mb and over 408 lives were lost due to this hurricane. Damages were estimated at $6 million. The Labor Day hurricane made landfall in the Florida Keys.


2. Hurricane Camille

This hurricane is said to have made landfall in Louisiana Coast and Mississippi on August 17, 1969 as a category 5. Its pressure was at 909 mb and the speed of winds was 200 mph with storm surge to the extent of 20 feet in height. Damages were to the tune of $1,420,700,000 and this hurricane claimed 5, 256 lives.


3. Hurricane Andrew
Hurricane Andrew

Making landfall on August 24, 1992 as a category 5, the pressure accompanying this hurricane was at 922 mb. Over 250,000 people were left homeless and several businesses were destroyed. Damages were to the tune of over $25 billion. After the hurricane affected south Florida it continued its journey to the northwest to the Gulf of Mexico and struck the Louisiana coastline.


4. The Indianola, Texas Hurricane
The Indianola Texas Hurricane

This hurricane occurred in 1886 as a category 4. When it made landfall, the pressure was at 925 mb. The hurricane is said to have claimed 43 lives. The entire town was wiped out as a result of this hurricane.


5. Hurricane Florida Keys
Hurricane Florida Keys 1919

The Florida Keys hurricane was accompanied by a pressure of 927 mb when it made landfall in September of 1919 as a category 4. It claimed an estimated 1,000 lives. Damages were to the extent of $22 million.


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