Top 10 Newspaper Comic Strips

There are numerous comic characters, often either based on human beings or animals, in newspaper comic strips which have made us all laugh a lot over the years. Following are the top 10 newspaper comic strips listed in order of their popularity.


1. Calvin and Hobbes
Calvin and Hobbes

Written and illustrated by Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes is a syndicated comic strip that follows the humorous adventures of Calvin, an imaginative six-year old boy, and Hobbes, his cynical and energetic stuffed tiger and imaginary best friend.


2. Garfield
Garfield comic strip

Garfield, a comic strip created by Jim Davis, has been in publication since June 19th, 1978. It is about the life of a fat, lazy and cynical cat named Garfield, his owner, Jon Arbuckle and Arbuckle’s dog, Odie. This comic strip currently holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip.


3. The Far Side
The Far Side comic strip

This is a one-panel, extremely popular comic created by Gary Larsons. The surrealistic humor is often based on improbable events and uncomfortable social situations, impending bizarre disasters, logical fallacies or the search for meaning in life. The use of nature and animals in the comic is attributed to the creator’s background in biology.


4. Peanuts
Peanuts comic strip

Peanuts is a Sunday comic-strip mainstay which was written and illustrated by Charles M. Schulz, and has continued its re-runs even after the death of its creator. The strip is considered to be one of the most influential and popular ever in the comic-strip medium.


5. Pearls before Swine
Pearls before Swine

Written and illustrated by Stephan Pastis, this is an American comic strip about the daily lives of four anthropomorphic animals, Zebra, Pig, Rat and Goat. Although created in 1997, its popularity rose after Dilbert creator Scott Adams, a fan of the strip, made it famous worldwide among his own fans.


6. Fox Trot
Fox Trot

Bill Amend wrote and illustrated the American comic strip, Fox Trot. The strip revolves around the daily lives of the Fox family, an American family consisting of the parents, Roger and Andy and three children, Peter, Paige and Jason. It covers varied subject matter including pop-culture fads and popular consumer products.


7. The Phantom
The Phantom comic strip

This famous American adventure comic strip was originally created by Lee Falk and later adapted to alternative forms of media, including film and television. It was about a costumed crime fighter operating from the African jungle. At the peak of its popularity, the strip was read by over a hundred million people every day.


8. B.C.
B.C. comic strip

Created in 1958, B.C. is an American newspaper comic strip written and illustrated by Johnny Hart. It is set in prehistoric times and features cavemen and animals from various geologic eras. It is among the longest-running strips still produced by its original creator.


9. Dilbert
Dilbert comic strip

Dilbert is an American comic strip written and drawn by Scott Adams. Dilbert revolves around the namesake main character who is an engineer. The comic strip is replete with satirical office humor about a micromanaged office. Dilbert has also been featured in books, TV shows, computer games etc., as well as in plenty of other Dilbert-themed merchandise.


10. Zits
Zits comic strip

Written by Jerry Scott and illustrated by Jim Borgman, Zits is about the life of Jeremy Duncan. A 16-year old junior at high school, Jeremy tries to balance his life while he struggles through school projects, hangs out with his friends and practices to become a ‘Rock God’. The strip features a variety of supporting and core characters.

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