Top Ten Social Issues

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6. Basic Needs:
Basic Needs

Strategic focus: Self-sufficiency
With the exponentially growing population of homeless people, there have been heavy demands for basic needs such as food, housing and also utilities. The worst scenario is that their needs are not being catered to due to acute shortage of the basic amenities.


7. Homelessness:

Strategic focus: Self-sufficiency
Among the world’s many homeless people, about 30% of them are found to be single adults while about 50% of them are adults with families inclusive of children.


8. Homeless Population:
Homeless Population

Strategic focus: Self-sufficiency
Among all the single homeless people in the world, it is believed that around 22% are suffering from some sort of mental illness, while 22% have been caught with substance abuse such as drug abuse, etc.


9. Teen Violence and Abuse:
teen violance

Strategic focus: Education
This is definitely a heart-breaking issue prevalent almost all over the world. Based on a survey, out of the surveyed teenagers, about 30% seemed to have become victims of physical abuse and 29% were subject to violence.


10. Teen Depression and Suicide:
depression teen

Strategic focus: Education
At number ten, we have teen depression and suicide ruling the teen community. The reasons for depression are many, but the result has unanimously ended in depression and attempted suicides. According to rough statistics, it is said that about 27% of teenage kids have been driven into depression, of which 16% are found to be girls and 11% are boys.

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