Top Ten Places to Find Great Ideas for Your Articles

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You need not worry if you are one of those writers who have had the experience of sitting in front of your computer screen without knowing exactly what to write about. The following are some of the most reliable places to research topics for your articles.


1. Use your own Ideas
use your own ideas

You may come up with some of the most inspiring ideas on your own on some days, which can be put on paper. You can make use of a word document or notebook to get these ideas down so you can make use of them later on during less inspired times.


2. Wikipedia

You can also log on to and which are some of the great places to visit for inspiration. You can find several ideas for articles by searching under different subjects like health and beauty.


3. Twitter

This site will help you know what people are writing or talking about so you can know about the hottest topics. You can sign up with a Twitter account and see what celebrities and others are discussing.


4. Personal Curiosity
Personal Curiosity

If you regularly use the computer to search for information, you can use your experience to write beneficial articles for others. If you happen to see a new drug that is advertised and want to get further information, for instance, you can browse for the information and use it in an article at the same time.


5. Search for the Latest Trends
Latest Trends Search

You can find innumerable websites that will let you know which sites are hot right now. You can get topics for articles from sites such as Google Trends,,,, Yahoo Buzz Index,, and more. By searching about what people are eager to know, you can get some creative ideas.


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