Top Ten Things to Do when Twitter Is Down

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6. You can also pick your favourite novel and start reading it with full concentration and interest. Once you are done with it or seem to get bored with it, pick the newspaper and start reading all the rumours surrounding the top notches in the film industry. If that is boring too, you can constantly keep searching why your Twitter failed in the Google search engine.

7. Pick a good recipe from the recipe book and start cooking it. Now that you know you don’t have any other distraction, you can devote all your concentration to your cooking skills. If you are confident of your cooking, then go ahead and taste it. Once satisfied, call your neighbours for lunch or dinner.

8. Start listening to your favourite music in the music player and also dance if you can along with the beats. This will help you burn enough calories so that you can reduce your weight considerably too. Dancing is more than having fun. It gives you a good life too.

9. Call your real life friends home and have fun chatting with them incessantly about your Twitter followers, etc.

10. Try complicated hair styles and face make-over to see how they suit your face. You can also try wearing a French plait if you are a woman. If a man, you can try spiking your hair in different angles and see how you look.

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