Top Ten Dangerous Roads

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There are several dangerous roads that can make travel both dangerous and exciting. Given below is the list of the top 10 most dangerous roads.


1. Bolivia’s “Road of Death”

Bolivia Road of Death

North Yungas road is one of the most dangerous roads in the world for motorists. It lies in the Bolivian Andes, 70 km from La Paz to Coroico, and plunges down almost 3,600 meters. It has very narrow hairpin bends and 800-meter abyss near-misses.

2. Russian Siberian Road to Yakutsk

Russian Siberian Road to Yakutsk

Being the official federal-government highway to Yakutsk, it is the only road which will take you there. During rains it can be very difficult to commute as the usual clay covering makes the road almost impassable.


3. Russian-Georgian “Military” Mountain Roads

Russian-Georgian Military Mountain Roads

The Sukhumi “Military” road in the former Soviet Georgia is another very dangerous road. Lying in the Caucasus Mountains, unless you have great driving skills it will be very difficult to go through this road.

4. Nepal, Tibet & Bangladesh Roads

Nepal Tibet Bangladesh Roads

There are some badly maintained, hair-raising roads in the area which truck and bus drivers have to negotiate with difficulty to get to small villages. A road in Nepal, leading from From Katmandu to Everest Base Camp can be very dangerous indeed.


5. Most Dangerous Tourist Hiking Trail (China)

Most Dangerous Tourist Hiking Trail China

Traveling through this road can give you a really hair-raising experience. This is a heavy-tourist traffic area in Xian (Mt.Huashan). The hanging wooden planks are a real tourist hike path, which many adventure lovers try to navigate.


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