Top Ten Diseases Declared Pandemic by WHO

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6. Dengue:


Nothing can get worse than the mosquito bite. Mosquitoes have been found to infect human beings with several diseases directly into the blood. Dengue fever is also like the yellow fever but the severity is more compared to it. It generally tends to appear as large outbreaks.


7. Foot and Mouth Disease:

Foot and Mouth Disease

This is a common disease among infants and children of certain age. The viruses causing this disease are benign. The children who get infected with it get some kind of spots all around the mouth and develop fever. It will last up to several weeks.

8.  Bird Flu or Avian Flu:

Bird Flu

This kind of flu spreads from a bird to a human being and it still has not learned moving from human to human. Nevertheless, the fever when untreated can be a life threat to the patient.


9. Swine Flu:

Swine Flu

This epidemic is the most deadliest that humans have ever seen. In fact, it is highly mobile and can be transferred from one person to the other. Severity in this includes respiratory disorders and ultimate death in the worst cases.


10.  Cholera:


This is also an epidemic that spreads easily from person to person. It is caused by a virus called as vibrio cholerae. A person suffering from it can die within a matter of hours.


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