Top Ten Bizarre Pets

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6. Ostriches


Ostriches are both cute and awkward looking.  They run very fast and can chase you until you accept defeat. They are really large birds when they grow to their full extent and have to be reared with care. It mainly feeds on insects and plants. If cornered, it can attack with a kick from its powerful legs.


7. Camels


Camels are definitely temperamental animals. You have to take extreme care while deciding to have them as your pet animals. They are quite expensive to rear too. When camels become agitated they can attack their owner and kick them too. Camels also spit a lot and it can get a little complicated to own them as pet animals.


8. Scorpions


Scorpios are owned as pet animals by some people. There is a popular world record chaser who actually puts live Scorpions in his mouth. These can be really bizarre pet animals who can pack quite a punch with their venomous sting!


9. Constrictors


Though constrictors look cute, they grow quite rapidly, sometimes up to several feet in length and can escape quickly. Their food not only includes rabbits but also dogs or cats which they hunt for themselves.  Some people return them to the wild once they become large!


10. Turtles

Though turtles seem to be harmless, they sometimes carry salmonella risk.  This is especially true in the case of baby turtles. As small kids are attracted to baby turtles, they may put anything in their mouth – including their fingers after touching the turtles which can pose the danger of deadly diseases.

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