Top Ten Biking Trails

Thanks to the conveniences that modern day travel can provide,  traveling via bicycle is often overlooked. With a hundreds of beautiful bike avenues crisscrossing almost every continent, there is absolutely no reason why you should not consider a vacation on two wheels. Bike accessible paths and streets can challenge you and make you more motivated and get you in touch with a nature like no other experience can .

The following is the list of the top 10 biking trails which can be both adventurous and exciting for biking enthusiasts and travelers.


1. Route Verte, Canada

Route Verte Canada

Lining up to 4000 km, this biking trail is located in North America and criss-crosses Québec from north to south and east to west! Whether for a long trip or for a few days, this long bike trail is easy to follow; making it the largest bicycle paths in the Americas.

Québec has led the way in North America by building roads that are bicycle friendly. It is the most preferable choice for city governments – more people on bikes means less cars, less parking spaces downtown, reduced pollution, and a quieter and healthy population. The city of Montreal is well on its way to becoming the next Amsterdam city.

2. Underground Railroad Bicycle Route (U.S/ Canada)

Undergrowund Railroad Bicycle Route

After reaching Ohio, the route goes toward Lake Erie and enters Canada at the Peace Bridge near Buffalo, New York. The route follows the shores of Lake Ontario and culminates at Owen Sound, a town discovered by freedom seekers in 1857.

3. Ruta Austral, Chile

Ruta Austral Chile

This biking trail is characterized by winding turns which merge with the virgin earth. The trail is completely filled with natural beauty and goes on and on filled with incommensurable green greatness and frozen snow.

4. Munda Biddi Trail (Australia)

Munda Biddi Trail Australia

The Munda Biddi is a truly world-class off-road natural cycling experience. It combines Western Australia’s expansive unspoiled forests and gentle terrain with good cycling weather making it an ideal biking trail during most seasons.

Recent government funding has allowed  the trail to be extended to Albany,  extending the trail to approximately 1100 km. The trail is mostly run by the ‘Munda Biddi Trail Foundation’, a not-for-profit organisation which was formed to assist the Department of Environment and Conservation and other land managers get the trail project off the ground. The foundation continues to be involved in trail development and planning.

5. Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

This cycling tour will take you through the Hanoi, a city of lakes and shaded boulevards, also called the “Paris of the Orient.” After exploring Hue, the ancient capital, you can explore you way through the coast of the South China Sea to Danang, Hoi An and Nha Trang.


6. The Gran Fondo Campagnolo, Italy

The Gran Fondo Campagnolo Italy

The Italian version of L’Etape du Tour is organised by the U.C. Feltrino and takes place in the beautiful southern Dolomite region of Italy. Beginning and ending in the small town of Feltre, the trail is mountainous, but there is a choice of either 110km Medio Fondo, or the full 208km (Gran Fondo).

7. Luchon Bayonne, France

Luchon Bayonne France

Stretching from Pyrenees mountains from the towns of Luchon to Bayonne, this biking trail is truly spectacular. You also have to conquer Peyresourde pass mid way before reaching downhill. The next milestone which might take longer to reach is the Apsin pass. Then in the green valley of Saint Marie de Campan, you’ll have to overcome Osquich pass and after passing through a few hills you can reach your final destination: the beautiful town of Bayonne.

8. Route Du comte Jean ( Belgium/France)

Route Du comte Jean

Taking riders and biking enthusiasts from France to Belgium, this trail includes coastal scenery as well as many locations where you can spend some memorable nights where you can get a rare opportunity to tour through the lovely towns and villages.


9. Land’s End/John O’ Groats ( Britain)

Land’s End John O’ Groats

This ride takes more than 2 weeks usually. It is however worth the try and travelers to this part of the world should not miss taking this trail which is the most written about bicycle trip in the UK.


10. Cape Argus Pick’N’pay Cycle Tour ( South Africa)

Cape Argus Pick’N’pay Cycle tour

Hundreds of thousands of cyclists from all parts of South Africa and the globe arrive at Cape Town during March each year for taking part in the greatest and largest timed cycling event – the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour. This tour is the ending point of the annual Lifecycle Week that has something for everybody, from the multi-day stage race, the more serious contenders to a Mountain Bike Challenge, Trike and Junior Tours and the biggest health, sport and fitness Expo in Southern Africa.

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