Top Ten Reasons why Soccer is Different from Football

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6. Playing soccer requires more skill:

It is not just about handling the ball; it is all about handling it only with your lower limbs. This requires so much experience and also determination to handle the ball.

7. Footballers are well behaved than the Soccer players:

They don’t spit or utter promiscuously bad words. They do not demean themselves or their Country. Thus footballers are far decent compared to the soccer players.

8. In football, you can some of the most exciting hits:

Soccer does not allow offensive moves by players with an intention to hurt others. If the officials get to notice that the ball was in no way connected to the shot, then the players are penalized and at times even sent out of the game through a red card. Football has no such restrictions.

9. Football crowd is much safe:

Football crowd is often well behaved and support their team by wearing attires that depict their team.

10. Football employs a strategy:

This game has got a lot to do with intelligence. In fact, if you watch a football match, you will understand the strategy yourself.

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