Top Ten Popular Diabetic Athletes

Nothing should stop you from achieving what you wish to achieve. Even if it means you are a diabetes sufferer. People diagnosed with diabetes have climbed mountains, won Olympic medals and even held high positions. The following are the top 10 diabetics who have taken control over their condition and become famous athletes.


1. Wasim Akram – Pakistani Cricketer

Wasim Akram – Pakistani Cricketer

Wasim Akram is a former Pakistani cricketer. He was a left handed batsman and a left-arm fast bowler, who represented the Pakistani cricket team in Tests and One Day Internationals. Inspite of being a diabetic he achieved several milestones as far as the sport of cricket is concerned.


2. Arthur Ashe – Tennis – Wimbledon Winner

Arthur Ashe – Tennis

Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr, born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, was a professional tennis player. He won 3 three Grand Slam titles during his career. In spite of being a diabetic he is remembered vividly for furthering social causes.


3. Walter Barnes – Football and Actor

Walter Barnes – Football

An American football offensive lineman in the National Football League for the Philadelphia Eagles, Barnes played college football at Louisiana State University. He played professional football for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles before pursuing his acting career.


4. Sarah Bina – Championship Clogger


Sarah Bina in spite of being a diabetic became a champion clogger. An American folk dance, clogging is similar to tap dancing. It involves making rhythmic tapping sounds with the feet. The tapping sounds are emphasized with the use of special shoes. These usually are soft leather shoes with hard soles and attached metal taps


5. Ayden Byle – Runner

Ayden Byle – Runner

A world-famous runner, Byle is one of the most well known diabetics in North America after having run 6521.5 km’s across it. He was the first insulin dependent diabetic to achieve this feat. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated by him for cure research and he is popular for his contributions to his non-profit charity – The Ayden Byle Diabetes Research Foundation.


6. Nick Boynton – Hockey Player

Nick Boynton

Nicholas Boynton is a Canadian professional ice hockey player who is expected to play for the Anaheim Ducks in the 2009-10 season. Before joining the Phoenix Coyotes, Boynton played for the Boston Bruins.


7. Doug Burns – Fitness Consultant, Record-holding Athlete

Doug Burns

An internationally respected record holding strength athlete and fitness consultant, Doug has also had type 1 diabetes since the age of seven. His health quickly deteriorated after being misdiagnosed with flu and he was admitted into the emergency room with ketoacidosis and a blood sugar over 700.


8. Sean Busby – Champion Snowboarder

Sean Busby

Sean Busby is a champion snowboarder who has been training for the 2010 – 2014 Olympics. Although diagnosed with diabetes, he is known for his events in Slalom and Giant Slalom. Though he has been into this activity only for a few years, his determination as an athlete and an individual has seen him soar in this game.


9. Bobby Clarke – NHL – Philadelphia Flyers

Bobby Clarke

Robert Earle Clarke, OC also called Bobby Clarke is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player who played his entire National Hockey League (NHL) career with the Philadelphia Flyers. He has also not let diabetes intrude with his game.


10. Scott Coleman – Swimmer

Scott Coleman – Swimmer

Boca Raton’s Scott Coleman became the first male diabetic to successfully swim across the English Channel. He trained under Coach Tom Smith, also of Boca Raton and swam 60,000 yards a week. Smith was also part of Coleman’s support crew.athletes who have not let their disease stand in the way of achieving what they wanted in the sports arena.

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