Top Ten Longest Living Pets

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People who are interested in having pets are everywhere. While some of them take great care about their pets, some others may not even provide the love and affection the pets long for. The life of a pet entirely depends on how the masters treat them. If they are taken care with the best amenities they require, then their life expectancy increases by far.
Pets don’t just make your life happy and enthusiastic. They take part in your happy as well as sad moments. When you feel really lonely, you can find comfort in them. They know nothing but to give you unconditional love and faith. They are the best stress busters.


1. Box Turtle

Box Turtle

A box turtle can live up to a maximum life span of about 123 years. This is probably the longest living pet in the whole world. If you want to have a giant turtle as your pet, then, well! It can live up to about 150 human years. They actually do not feed much too. You will have to pass it on to the next generation to take care of it.


2. Swan


If you have a small pond in your garden, you will surely love to have a swan there. They can live up to 102 years when you take good care of them. It is not just about feeding them. You need to give them the attention and care too.


3. Turtles


Ordinary turtle pets can live up to a whopping 100 year span. In fact, your life span won’t last till then. So if you are worried that your pet turtle might not get the attention it needs once you are through, then it is better you don’t buy one.


4. Parrots


Parrots are really sweet bird pets. However, if you think that by imprisoning it, you are doing injustice to it then it is better that you don’t have that as your pet and don’t have to put it in your cage any longer. However, parrots are capable of living up to 70 years. They can be your life long companions.


5. Catfish


If you are planning to have an aquarium or a tiny fish tank, then catfish is the best choice of pet. It can live up to about 60 years and clearly shows that it can be your pet for life.


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