Top Ten World’s Amusement Parks

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6. Busch Gardens, Williamsburg Virginia


This park has an amazing selection of super coasters in the world such as “Griffon” that enables passengers to soar up two hundred and five feet, before they plunge at a ninety-degree angle at a speed of seventy miles per hour. The “Big Bad Wolf” goes down almost ninety-nine feet. The park is also noted for its global village, live shows, restaurants, spa and resort to relax you.


7. Park Asterix, Plailly France

Park Asterix

The scary roller coasters is this park’s claim to fame. In addition to the coasters, this park has Greek and Roman zones and street performers on an old style Paris Boulevard for family entertainment.

8. Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool England

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

This amusement park is noted for its “Valhalla”, a coaster that takes riders through darkness at great speeds and “Infusion”, the first suspended looping coaster. It also has many attractions for children as well as live entertainment including “Hot Ice”, an ice show sure to thrill.


9. Tivoliland, Dalborg Denmark


A well rounded family attraction, this amusement park includes “Boomerang”, Scandinavia’s biggest steel roller coaster as well as other coasters such as “Break Dance”, “Ghost Train” and “Spacecar”. There are a variety of children’s attractions such as a funhouse, Fairy Tale Twined City Park, and “Caterpillar”, a junior roller coaster.

10. Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki Japan

Huis Ten Bosch

Designed like a 17th century Dutch village, this is an amusement park with a difference. It offers superb views of Kyushu’s finest bay area and has several shops and restaurants apart from a resort. Attractions include “Horizon Adventure” and “Astro Gebouw”, a live astrology show.

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