Top 10 British Colonies

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6. India (1857-1947)

India (1857-1947)

This was the most populous and valuable settlement under the Raj. It began as a trade establishment by the East India Company and eventually stripped India of its riches. Under them, India experienced some of the worst famines in which 10.3 million people lost their lives. Their clever policy of Divide and Rule split India into two nations, India and Pakistan. The consequences of this are being borne till date in the form of cross border terrorism and external unrest.


7. New Zealand (1840-1948)

New Zealand (1840-1948)

78% of New Zealand’s citizens are European descendants. In 1893, it became the first state in the world which allowed women to cast votes. Elizabeth II, the Queen of New Zealand is the Head of State, but possesses only symbolic power.


8. Maldives (1887-1965)

Maldives (1887-1965)

This is the smallest predominantly Islamic region in the world. Tourism is the main industry of its economy. The 2004 tsunami, caused damages equivalent to 62 % of the GDP.


9. Ireland


Ireland was the first Brit colony. Exploitation of its resources, for over three centuries has been an exorbitant source of income for the Crown. The most substantial export from Ireland was humans-to provide cheap labour. It is now divided into two countries The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Republic is totally independent of the Queen’s control, whereas Northern Ireland is still part of United Kingdom.


10. Mauritius (1810-1968)

Mauritius (1810-1968)

Mauritius is a culmination of French, Dutch and British influences due to its colonization by the three regimes. Mauritius is the best governed nation in Africa and has a high Human Development Index. It does not possess a standing army.


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