Top 10 Strength Training Exercise Picks

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6. Seated Incline Alternate Dumbbell Curls

Seated Incline Alternate Dumbbell Curls

Many bodybuilders undertake only this bicep exercise for exercising! The exercise lets you enjoy instant growth and strength gains. You must have perfect form with no swinging of weight to do this correctly.


7. Seated Barbell Military Press

Seated Barbell Military Press

This movement is one of the best shoulder exercises for strengthening the triceps and increasing the size and muscularity of the deltoid. It is a solid compound movement and hence features in the top 10 list.


8. Dips


This movement can be taken up to isolate the chest or the triceps. These movements can give instant results when it comes to strength training. Your position and angle on the dip bar determine the extent to which you can isolate the pecs or the triceps. Dips which concentrate on the chest enable you to develop a round and full outer pec area.


9. Lying Tricep Extensions

Lying Tricep Extensions

These movements otherwise called the “skull crushers,” are a great way to build triceps. You can do this with a curl or straight bar. The best advantage of this movement is the good stretch that can be had at the bottom before pushing the weight back up. This movement is liked by many people because the triceps are one of their strongest muscle groups and they can use some significant weight for this movement.


10. Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging Leg Raises

One of the most complicated exercises for the lower abs, this exercise can be difficult to master. In this movement you have to first and foremost pull your knees up to activate the lower abs. Through inhalation you have to pull your knees and legs up as high as you can. After reaching the highest point, completely exhale but do not lower your knees until the exhale is complete.

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