Top 10 Popular Islands

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6. Mount Desert Island (Maine)

Mount Desert Island (Maine)

This island exemplifies the beautiful coexistence of land and sea, people and wildlife. The 7 mile long Somes Sound in Mount Desert is the only fjord on the East coast of United States. It is famous as the home of the Acadia National Park and Bar Harbour. Mount Desert is a natural stunner and exploring its numerous avenues makes for a perfect holiday.


7. Aeolian Islands (Italy)

Aeolian Islands (Italy)

The blend of smoking volcanoes and active scintillating wildlife are alluring. The minute island of Stromboli confesses to be a marvel with its volcanic fireworks. Aelion is rich in cultural heritage. Therefore a visit to Museo Eoliano and St. Bartholomew Cathedral are interesting insights into the island’s past.


8. Maldives


Snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, sailing and surfing on crystal clear waters is ideal in Maldives’ coral islands. Shopping in the numerous flea markets is a fun pass time. A wedding in this divine land can be a breath taking experience.


9. Vancouver Island (Canada)

Vancouver Island (Canada)

With abundant wildlife and interesting outdoor activities, Vancouver Island is ideally enjoyed out of doors. Vancouver Island Music Fest is a treat for music enthusiasts. The Long Beach, Tofino provides the best surfing in California.


10.  Bermuda (Atlantic Islands)

Bermuda (Atlantic Islands)

With a visitor return rate of over 50%, Bermuda is a perfect family holiday destination. Dolphin Quest-Swim, private island tours and Championship Golf courses are perfect.


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