Top 10 Dinosaur Fossil Discoveries

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Fossil discoveries of extinct reptiles have astonished scientists all around the globe. These 10 major findings have contributed drastically towards the development of dinosaur science also known as paleontology.


1. Mosasaurus (1764)

Mosasaurus (1764)

Mosasaur means River Lizard. The bone fossils of this dinosaur were the first to be recognized as pertaining to those of an extinct species. These were marine predators and are closely associated with snakes and monitor lizards.


2. Megalosaurus (1676)

Megalosaurus (1676)

This was the first dinosaur to be named, even before the term Dinosaur was        coined for the group of reptiles. Its name connotes Great Reptile. It lived 120,000,000 years ago in Europe. The interesting fact about the Megalosaurus is that its complete skeleton has never been located.


3. Hadrosaurus (1858)

Hadrosaurus (1858)

Hadrosaurus, the Duck Billed dinosaur was the first ever complete dinosaur fossil excavated in North America. Hardosaurus had the maximum number of teeth among dinosaurs. A herbivore, it was considered to be a good swimmer.


4. Iquanodon (1820)

Iquanodon (1820)

This was the second dinosaur to be formally named. Iguanadon signifies iguana toothed. This beast was characterized by its hard and conical spike like thumbs. An ornithopod, its intelligence was mid way among dinosaurs. Comparatively a fast reptile, it could travel at the speed of 15-20 km/hr. Evidence through fossils suggests that Iguanadons lived in herds.


5. Coelophysis (1947)

Coelophysis (1947)

This gigantic lizard lived in the Late Trissaic period. Coelophysis stands for hollow form, because its bones were hollow, like the bones of birds. It is argued that this specie displayed cannibalistic tendencies. An interesting fact about Coelophysis is that, it lost and then regained its teeth through its lifetime.


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