Top 10 Tips for Anger Management

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Many of us experience anger whenever we feel we are wronged by someone. The following are 10 ways for effectively managing anger. By practicing these tips, anger management will become a habit.


1. Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath

Through deep breathing not only the body but also the mind can become relaxed. Whenever you are angry at something it pays to breathe deeply and exhale rather than erupting spontaneously, or sending off an angry letter or email. You can breathe several times slowly till the time you are physically calm.


2. Don’t deny your anger

Don't deny your anger

You should not suppress your anger. You can also use anger to achieve a desired outcome. It is inappropriate when the anger overpowers you. This is because in such a case, an unconsidered and unwanted outcome can take place.


3. Eat and drink sensibly

Eat and drink sensibly

You must indulge in healthy but not excessive eating. Drinking lots of water also helps to flush the toxins away from the system. Eating sensibly will help you to be free from irrational emotion or tiredness. They may also thwart the occurrence of stress headaches.

4. Recognize tiredness and stress

Recognize tiredness and stress

You must be able to recognize your feelings of stress or tiredness. When you drive with anger you can injure someone, kill or be killed. It is better under these circumstances to breathe deeply and relax. Stress and fatigue are equally damaging at work and at home. Instead of getting embroiled in a major argument, you can walk away from the situation by saying that you are upset.

5. Control your environment

Control your environment

If you are feeling anger inside yourself; try to step outside especially from the place of the dispute temporarily. Get some fresh air or try to adopt some other kind of diversionary tactic.


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