Top 10 Tips for Anger Management

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6. Anger should be proportionate

Anger should be proportionate

There are situations when it is alright to become angry and other times when anger can become disproportionate. It is not ok to fly off the handle just because your employee has dropped and smashed a glass. On the other hand, you can get angry when you see that someone has broken your favorite and valuable antique vase!


7. Focus not on the person but on the issue

Focus not on the person but on the issue

It is always wiser and better to focus on the issue that has created problems rather than targeting the person directly. A very different and less emotional response can be got by targeting the issue. It pays not to generalize when you vent your anger.


8. Get help

Get help

If you are always in a stressful situation or angry, it is better to seek professional help from a doctor, therapist or a coach! Help may come in the form of medication, advice or suggestion for life-style change.


9. Join a support group

Join a support group

You can join a support group and interact with many people which will help you lower your stress levels. You can become a member of The British Association of Anger Management or Alcoholics Anonymous, or a mosque, a church or synagogue. A nurturing community can also be got by joining a meditation, yoga or tai-chi group.


10. Take responsibility

Take responsibility

You must take responsibility for your actions. You must not react excessively to a negative situation. Only if you are able to do this can you improve the situation. As soon as you start to blame others, concentrate on your own errors that have masked the picture, and accept responsibility. This is especially true if your anger has exacerbated the situation further.


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