Top 10 Dangerous Sports

There are several violent and really dangerous sports in the world. Let’s take a peek at some of these really dangerous ones.


1. Lawn Bowls


Lawn bowls is a risky and dangerous game and there are several deaths reported even as far as this sport is concerned. The sport literally kills thousands worldwide every year. Broken hips, dislocated ankles, torn knees or heart attack occur owing to the stressful nature of the game.


2. Base Jumping


Base Jumping can also be a very dangerous sport to take up. You will be fine if your parachute opens up otherwise you are sure to face death. People keen on trying the sport have to basically bet their life on whether a chute opens properly or not.


3. Horse Riding


This sport has also witnessed several fatalities in the US. It was a whopping 128 and encompassed all aspects such as racing and show jumping. Horse riding requires expert training and can really be a dangerous sport.


4. Bullfighting


Also referred to as tauromachy, bull fighting is mainly an activity pursued in Portugal, Spain, Latin America and some cities in southern France. In this violent sport, one or more bulls are killed ritually in a bull ring before the public.


5. Rock climbing


In the year 200o alone there were 24 deaths in the US due to rock climbing mishaps. You should not only climb to the target summit but also have the stamina to get back to the starting point which makes this sport all the more dangerous. Also you may not be in a position to get immediate medical help when you’re 1,000 feet up and may not find a chopper. Bad weather can also be a disadvantage, quickly causing hypothermia or frostbite.


6. Fishing


Angling believe it or not is also one of the most dangerous sports today because of the associated risk of drowning. Rock fishing is especially dangerous. It involves casting a line into the ocean from the shoreline and many people end up losing their lives when they are pulled under by large waves.


7. Motorcycling


The Isle Of Man TT Event is the most dangerous motor race in the world which has cost over 220 casualties in its 100-year history. The race involves riding your bike at ridiculously high speeds and hence is considered one of the most dangerous sports today.


8. Cheerleading


Cheerleading is one of the most injury-prone sports in the world for women today. The girl cheerleaders are prone to injuries much more than the guys on the football field. They can suffer spinal injuries and broken legs.


9. Cave diving


It can be dangerous to be a diver and diving in the caves is one step more dangerous. You can suffer from failure of the brain, lungs or the spinal cord. There is also the danger of being eaten by some large creature inside a cave not to mention problems related to air supply. Over 500 people have lost their lives since 1960 due to cave diving in Mexico, Florida and Caribbean alone according to the Texas-based San Marcos Area Recovery Team.


10. Rugby


This is one of the most brutal contact sports on the planet. Without any sort of protection the players are really vicious in their tackling. This is the reason why rugby has more injuries per player than any similar sport. In fact, the players are three times more prone to get injured than anyone engaged in martial arts.


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  1. Jim Lord

    The myth that cheerleading is more dangerous than football has been dismissed several times. This was initially from a Yahoo news report that misquoted a school sports injury report. The article was corrected, but of course the inaccuracies live on with the internet.

    We have recently published a study that shows both the total catastrophic injuries for cheer and other sports as well as the injury rate. All figures show that cheer leading and most sports are much lower than football. The study can be found at Cheerleaders are not “prone to injuries much more than the guys on the football field.” In fact, while in 2008 there were 3 high school cheer leading catastrophic injuries, there were 39 in football including 3 deaths. While cheer leading does involve risk, it is not more risky than football.

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