Top Ten PC Games in Fall 2009

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6. Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising


Sequel to the award-winning, super popular Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, Dragon Rising will see have players engaged in combat across 220km/sq of terrain. The sequel’s style would be more mature and have an emphasis on authenticity.


7. Wolfenstein


Wolfenstein will be set in 1943, when Nazi Germany is still at the height of its might. The details of the play are scantily available beyond the plot description. Gameplay is expected to take place in both the real world and parallel dimension and will showcase the link between the two worlds.


8. Diablo 3


Diablo 3 will be an action-RPG that incorporates destructible environments with Havok physics. The game will have a range of computer configurations in mind: Multiplayer will be available via Blizzard’s with drop in/drop out cooperative play supported.


9. The Sims 3


The latest Sims game will be seen striking a terrific balance between the fresh and the familiar. The Create-A-Sim feature will allow you to modify almost everything about your playable character and living environment


10. Splinter Cell: Conviction


The game is a continuation of the tale of master-stealth operative, Sam Fisher. In spite of the multiple delays and scanty details, the news tells us that Fisher has abandoned his clean-shaven appearance and gone rogue. The series has impressive visuals which have been improved greatly. Also game play has evolved in comparison to the 2007 trailer.

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