Top Ten Most Beautiful Cell Phones

Here’s another of our popular Top 10 lists – this time we have looked into great looking cell phones. Lots of new phones have hit the market and some of them are not only classy and trendy but can also add a style statement. Among the very best, these are chosen the most beautiful cell phones for their attractive display and design. The following is the updated list of the most popular and beautiful cell phones.


1. W32H from Hitachi


The W32H from Hitachi is still a beautiful phone though people looking for something glossier would not like it. Each and every phone is unique and comes with some great accessories that can change the looks of it. The phone is available in orange, white and black colors and three different snap-on accessories.


2. The Samsung SGH-E900


This phone that was exhibited at the CeBIT in Hannover received a lot of attention – especially from the fashion and design oriented media. It’s a real beauty and surely LG would not have been very happy to see the phone only a few months prior to their launch of their Chocolate model.


3. The Talby


Considered to be an old phone, The Talby was first shown as a product concept back in 2003 and grabbed  a great deal of attention during a couple of years. Available in three colors, the Talby can be bought in hornet green, orange orange and whole black. This phone is only available in Japan.


4. The O2 Ice


The O2 Ice is a superb phone. It is not only light weight and tiny but a stylish 3G phone that has the usual built-in 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, bluetooth etc. It costs around $200 in UK.


5. The Samsung SGH-E870


This is a great looking clamshell phone that is available in 3 exotic colors namely Valentine Pink, White and Chilli blue. It’s targeted at girly-girls. It has a captivating design.


6. KDDI Neon by Naota Fukasawa


This phone is the latest among phones released by AU Design project at KDDI. It can be purchased in three colors, light blue, pink and black. It has a music player, built-in 1.3 megapixel camera, miniSD slot, a 320×240 screen and a FM tuner. The clean front of this phone is really beautiful!


7. Black Diamond


This is a luxury phone which is from a company called VIPN. They promote a limited edition of the phone made out of titanium and with real diamonds – only $300 000 on their site.


8. The Helio Kickflip


This phone is also one of the most stylish and beautiful phones in the market. It is stylish and small and loaded with a 2.2″ screen (320×240), 2 mega pixel camera and 3G capabilities. With the best of everything, it is a truly spectacular cellphone!


9. LG KG 800 Chocolate


The LG Chocolate is also a stylish phone and a pure beauty. Its design is superb and it is one of the most stylish phones you can get at the moment. This phone won the 2006 IF Design Award in Germany.


10. KDDI Penck by Makoto Saito


This phone is absolutely stunning. Designed by Makoto Saito, this phone is the most beautiful phone ever made. The PENCK is available in three colors, metal, milk (white), and bitter (black). Too bad it’s only available in Japan.


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