Top Ten Photo Sharing sites

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In the last few years, photo sharing has gained lot of importance as a method for clubs or associations to distribute photographs online. Hence these photo sharing websites have become useful tools and sources for managing photos online. The following are some of the top photo sharing sites to work with.


1. Flickr


Flickr is one of the most popular photo sharing sites. It also helps members online to post their photographs easily. Bloggers also use this as a photo repository. You can upload your photographs on to Flickr easily and then send the slideshow link of the tag. Flickr does not invole any payment.


2. Slideoo


Through Slideoo, Flickr users can make streaming slideshows of the photos. After becoming a registered member of Flickr, you have to create a slideshow by entering a Flickr username. After customizing the image size, slideshow width and the picture number, Slideoo helps to compile the images in a format that can be scrollable.


3. SimpleViewer


This is a customizable, free Flash photos application from Airtight Interactive. It enables users to easily view the photos and go through the thumbnails. By simply clicking on a thumbnail you can make alterations to the selected photo. You can also create your own SimpleViewer gallery.


4. Jumpcut


This is video publishing site which is totally free. It also has an on-line slideshow and video editing tool. You can alter the trim clips and add transitions through the use of Flash interface. Jumpcut can make you add photos from Flickr or you can upload your images. You can not only remix a video but can also using a video camera email your videos.


5. SoundSlides


You can get audio-visual presentations onto the web easily and affordably using Soundslides. Through this feature you can easily make your presentation which can be viewed on any browser. These are not free and come as two versions for both Mac and PC: the basic version and the professional version which is obviously costlier.


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