Top Ten Healthiest Snacks

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6. Mexican-style beans


Just 1/2 – cup serving of Mexican style beans can offer an impressive 7 grams of fiber – about 26 percent of the DV. You must take care to ensure that the brand you buy does not have an overdose of sodium.


7. String cheese


A 1 ½ cup of this lower-fat variation on mozzarella cheese provides 250 milligrams of calcium per. This is equivalent to 25 percent of the DV.


8. Tuna


Your daily requirement of vitamin B 12 can be provided by 3 ounces of tuna, canned in water. You can get 32 percent of DV or 2 micrograms of the nutrient. You can also add low fat mayonnaise to your tuna which is one of the healthiest snacks.


9. Yogurt


This snack is also a great source of bone-building calcium. It provides about 42 percent of the DV -in every one – cup serving. You must take care to select low-fat varieties. Plain yogurt has just one third of the fat when compared to a piece of apple pie.


10. Cantaloupe


This item is another good vitamin C source. Just a single cup of cubed cantaloupe offers 68milligrams of C, equivalent to more than 100 percent of the Daily Value.


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