Top Ten Fashion Trends for fall 2009

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With the onset of fall 2009, the fashion designers are out with their latest collection of trendy clothes which are sure to catch the attention of fashion lover. Here are some of the trends to be followed this autumn.


1. Built Out Shoulders

Built Out Shoulders

Reminding of the early 80s, the trend of built out shoulders was again bought into reckoning by fashion designers this fall. The various designs were used to showcase padding along with strong, stiff shoulders which are going to be a craze this season.


2. Cut Outs

Cut Outs

It is the season of “cold shoulder” and “draped” cut outs this time around as they have been a huge hit among the designers this season. In most showcases, the cut out designs were made more distinctive to create a bold effect.


3. Eighties Retro

Eighties Retro

In keeping with the built out shoulders, the pouffy sleeves along with tiered ruffles are back in consideration, paired with black lace. Popularly known as the Cyndi Lauper style, the retro collection is definitely a fall back to the good old days of the eighties.


4. Metallic Shine

Metallic Shine

The surprise inclusion in this year’s collection, metallic tone is going to be the hottest thing in town. Ramps can be seen filled with sparkles, sequins and shimmering on tops, dresses, accents and pants. The tones used commonly are gold and silver along with copper for the not-so-traditionalists.


5. Leather


As always leather designs have been symbolized with strong, independent women this season with its inclusion in short blazer and pants with corsets combos. This time around leather has been introduced as key pieces in edgy designs and not just as an accent.


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