Top 10 iPhone Apps

Apps are nothing but the iPod ad iPhone Touch applications. You can download the specific software tool from the iTunes App Store. You can use the application directly by touching that icon on screen. By viewing the application in this way, you can eliminate the need for use of a web browser. There are several categories of apps for the iPod Touch and iPhone and these include Games, Business, Sports, Medical, Entertainment, Education, Fitness, Photography, Travel, News and more! You can find both free and paid app categories.


1. Urbanspoon


This app helps you find the ideal restaurant in your neighborhood. You just have to include details such as the price range and style of food and it will generate a suggestion. You can also browse for food according to type and read reviews on every individual restaurant.


2. Shazam


You can create and share stories and memorable moments using Shazam. You can locate and buy music tracks and share their links with friends. You can personalize your tags and learn more about the artists too.


3. Tweetie 2


Tweetie 2 offers the most sophisticated mobile Twitter experience around. You can with the help of this app also handle multiple Twitter accounts and explore the favorite tweets of your followers and friends. You can also restore your entire UI if you get a phone call or want to quit.

It also comes with a new offline mode.


4. Evernote


This app helps you create photos, notes and record voice memos which can be accessed by you anytime — from your computer, iPhone or the web.


5. Echhofon Pro


With a powerful Tweet-authoring screen, you can upload photos, write Tweets and update your current location using this app. This app also supports push notifications which means you will be receiving a notification when someone sends you a direct message.


6. iRealEstate


This app is a complete database management program for the real estate market for usage by both the buyer and realtor. You can access homes available and purchased and manage clients and their preferences at a touch of the screen.


7. ROSIE Home Automation


Through your iPhone you can control your home’s electronic systems, A/V equipment to lighting, and security systems all through your iPhone. You can have an all-in-one remote control in your phone as you can have the ability to adjust and monitor them as desired, just like using a remote control.


8. Pandora Radio


A free personalized radio, this app helps to stream music on your iPhone. Pandora will create a station of your favorite music artist or composer. Pandora on the iPhone is fully integrated with Pandora on the web. You can listen to the available stations or create new ones using your iPhone or iPod Touch.


9. iPhone app for business


The custom Fedex iPhone app is a good example of iPhone app for business. You can easily access all of the Fedex tracking, store location and shipping information by downloading and touching your Fedex app screen icon. The Fedex iPhone application uses the inbuilt GPS system to direct you to the nearest Fedex location.


10. iPhone game app


Tetris game is one good example of an iPhone Game app. You can find the Tetris app icon on your iPod or iPhone by downloading the Tetris application from the store of iTunes. You can play the game by touching the icon and activate it. Tetris is a popular app game available these days.

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