Top 10 Beers of the World

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It does not matter if you are a seasoned Beer drinker or just starting to get used to the brew; it is important that you are aware of the different tastes of Beer available. Read below to get the nuances of the drink that you love and check if you have tasted them all.


1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale


This is the best example of the American concoction of the original English Brew. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale has a mellow balanced flavor and is amber in color. The distinctive Cascade Hops added to the brew makes it taste truly original.


2. Fuller’s ESB – Bitter


This is the best brew for bitter lovers. ESB gives a new definition for being Extra Special Bitter though it does not actually mean that. The Fuller’s ESB – Bitter is dark with a rich malt flavor and light hops with low content of alcohol makes it the sought after for a good session of beer drinking.


3. Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter


Porter is one of the most famous as well as popular beer brands in America.  It has a really dark coloring and includes a medium lager. Tastes mellow and refined.


4. Pilsner Urquell – Bohemian Pilsner


Nothing represents the taste of the Pilsner Urquell – Bohemian Pilsner except the original Pilsner Urquel. Though there are changes in the brew and lager over the years this is ultimately the same beer from Plzen Casks in 1842. The new era in brewing has made the beer more famous and is still much sought after.


5. Guiness – Dry Stout


The choice for those who prefer dry stout. This is one of the best known beers in the world famous for its signature taste. The beer gets a distinctive taste with a small quantity of beer soured with Lactic Acid and Bacteria in every batch. Though the Guiness – Dry Stout does not taste like typical beers it still remains top on the list of beer lovers. The other choices for this type of style would be Murphy’s or Beamish Stout.


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