Top 10 Most Celebrated Science Fiction Writers

There are several favorite authors as well as most influential authors as far as the genre of science fiction is concerned. The following is a list of authors, who have had a great and lasting influence, as far as the genre of science fiction is concerned. In writing this article, Top 10 List hopes to further celebrate the achievements in science fiction and will continue to document the genre’s success well beyond  the grave of its famous author.


1. H.G Wells


He was one of the most notable science fiction writers whose books are widely read even today. Many consider his “The Time Machine,” to be the best science fiction novel ever written. Other notable works by the author include “The War of the Worlds,” and “The Invisible Man”. Wells is responsible for laying the foundation for ensuring science fiction to be alive and kicking even in the present century and beyond.


2. Jules Verne


Verne became the pioneer of science fiction and also one of the finest writers as far as sci-fi genre is concerned. “Around the world in 80 Days”, “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” “20,000 Leagues under the Sea,” are classics which paved the way for the development of science fiction genre. Verne is known for his detailed and incredible stories on submarines and space travel before any such travel began to take place.


3. Isaac Asimov


Asimov is one of the most prolific writers who has edited or published more than 500 books, and an estimated 90,000+ postcards and letters. He is well known as a science fiction writer, whose Foundation and Robot series were instrumental for the development of further works as far as this field is concerned.


4. Arthur C. Clarke


Arthur C. Clarke is renowned for his Space Odyssey series. His novel “2001: A Space Odyssey,” is one of the best science fiction novels ever written, and was made into a popular movie which paved the way for bringing this genre into the mainstream. Clarke also is known for encouraging new science fiction writers and for his collection of short stories.


5. Frank Herbert


Herbert’s science fiction series is truly mind boggling as it covers themes such as ecology, evolution, human survival and the intersection of power, religion and politics. “Dune” is considered to be the single best-selling sci-fi novel of all time.


6. Ray Bradbury


His most famous novel was “Fahrenheit 451,” which is still rated to be the greatest dystopian science fiction novel of all time. Bradbury was a great influence to many science fiction writers as he wrote lot of fantasy and science fiction. The other amazing works of the author include “Dandelion Wine”, “Something Wicked This Way Comes,” and “The Martian Chronicles”.


7. William Gibson


Known as the father of “Cyber Punk” novel, William Gibson is an extremely controversial and popular science fiction writer. He made his own mark in the science fiction genre of writing.


8. Robert Heinlein


Robert Heinlein was considered to be an influential science fiction writer. He is loved and well known among his science fiction fans. He focused on “hard” science fiction that involved serious science fiction. For his work he won four Hugo Awards. He along with Clarke and Asimov came to be known as one of “The Big Three of Science Fiction.”


9. Orson Scott Card


Orson Scott Card is another popular science fiction writer. The Ender’s Game stories are very famous and the Dune is the most popular book of all time. It is also considered to be a popular story of the modern era. This author actually set the pace of modern science fiction.


10. Douglas Adams


Douglas Adams is one of the most famous science fiction author and his works have been considered very unique. His work “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” series won him great admiration and appreciation. These works introduced a distinct and surreal element to science fiction writing as a result of which he still has his own place among several fans even today.

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