Top 10 Budget Airlines

A budget airline, also popularly called the low-cost carrier, is an airline that has lower fares than those offered by the other airlines. The revenue lost in the low ticket sales is made up for, when the airline charges for extra facilities like food, seat allocation, baggage and sometimes, travel insurance.

A budget airline has the following characteristics:-

a)      One single kind of aircraft used, like the Airbus A320 or the Boeing 737

b)      One type of passenger class

c)      Not reserving passenger seats

d)      Snacks supplied instead of meals

e)      Preferring flying early in the morning or late at night to avoid traffic


1. Ryan Air


This Irish airlines takes the first rank mainly because they have definitely put in a lot of increased effort in the area of customer  care and also, because of even less costs for some of their flights going around Europe. Moreover, you can always find all types of amazing deals to a surprisingly enormous range of destinations around Ireland, Britain and Europe.


2. South West Airlines


The really interesting thing about this airline from America is that, it is not known for being the cheapest but, for reasons far more interesting than just the cost. For the cheap prices this airline offers, there is a whole lot of entertainment available. The flight attendants sing and dance for the passengers. It’s not just that, the song is called the ‘Don’t forget your luggage’ song.


3. Air Asia


Air Asia is a Malaysian low-cost carrier flight service. If you’re planning to fly in Asia without having to spend a lot of your money, Air Asia is definitely the way to go. The added advantage is of course, the fact that its destinations run all over Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and also, Myanmar. Air Asia is the pioneer in the Asian region to completely use the ticketless travel service and the unreserved seats service. However, just very recently, Air Asia has put in place the allocated seating system across all its flights.


4. West Jet


West jet is based in Calgary, Canada and with the cheap fares it offers, it has destinations all over Canada, the United States, Mexico and even the Caribbean. West jet is also known for its in-flight entertainment service along with a very friendly staff.


5. Air Berlin


This German airline has continued to wow its customers and is also considered Europe’s best low-cost carrier. Air Berlin has its flights running across Europe and England. Its stops are as far off as Turkey, Africa and the Middle East. The best feature of this airline is the in-flight entertainment, which comes at no extra charge.


6. Wizz Air


Wizz Air is based in Hungary and was started in 1993. The area covered by the airline is vast. Its flights run between Bulgaria, Budapest, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Britain, Ukraine and also, Ireland. They cut their prices by flying between less centrally situated airports.


7. Air India Express


This airline was founded in 2004 in India. The region covered by AI Express is across the subcontinent of India plus the Middle East. The flights are very comfortable and they have meals at no extra cost.


8. Air Tran Airways


This is an American airline that has 750 flights running in the United States. They have very large overhead containers for carry-ons.


9. Spirit Airlines


Another American airline, Spirit has 200 flights running in the U.S, Caribbean and Latin America. They have the youngest A319 and A321 aircrafts.


10. Jet America


$9 aboard this American airline will take you to destinations on the mid-west and east coast. $9 – that’s barely the cost of lunch!


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