Top 10 Budget Airlines

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6. Wizz Air


Wizz Air is based in Hungary and was started in 1993. The area covered by the airline is vast. Its flights run between Bulgaria, Budapest, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Britain, Ukraine and also, Ireland. They cut their prices by flying between less centrally situated airports.


7. Air India Express


This airline was founded in 2004 in India. The region covered by AI Express is across the subcontinent of India plus the Middle East. The flights are very comfortable and they have meals at no extra cost.


8. Air Tran Airways


This is an American airline that has 750 flights running in the United States. They have very large overhead containers for carry-ons.


9. Spirit Airlines


Another American airline, Spirit has 200 flights running in the U.S, Caribbean and Latin America. They have the youngest A319 and A321 aircrafts.


10. Jet America


$9 aboard this American airline will take you to destinations on the mid-west and east coast. $9 – that’s barely the cost of lunch!


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