Top 10 Newest Mobile Games of 2009

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You can spend your time in a nice way through mobile Games. Everyone in spite of his/her age group is found to get hooked on to such games nowadays because of its exciting nature. There are several types of games that can be played such as maze games, puzzle games, educational games and others. If you get tired of the same and dull games in your mobile, you can check some of the 10 latest mobile games in 2009 which are given below.


1. Rock Paper Scissors


This is a popular game which must have been played by one and all during his/her childhood days. This entertaining game is also available presently in Mobile. It has an inbuilt ICQ. Every player has a group of soldiers who are armed with paper, stone and scissors.


2. Hell Rider V1.0


One of the most well known racing games, this game has all namely water, fire and copper pipes. You can pass through rings that are ablaze, do ski-jumping or fly past four buses. You can also take supplements if you are feeling tired during game play.


3. Island Quest


Simon goes on a mysterious island tour after finding his grandfather’s diary. He comes across numerous treasures there. This game is truly exciting and entertaining and will leave you asking for more.


4. 3-in-1 FreeCell Spider Mine sweeper


This game will be everyone’s favorite. It is a combination of three games namely Spider Solitaire Free Cell and Minesweeper. You can get to play these games in your mobile phones even when you are moving around.


5. Square Mania v1.0 240×320


You have to join the dots and form squares in this logical game. For winning the game you have to try and make more points than your opponent.


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