Top 10 Bizzarre Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the time when most of the bizarre costumes come out of the closet and make their way on to the roads much to the embarrassment of most folks. Halloween’s the time for and frolic and what better way to enjoy all the macabre than by dressing up in some of the most hilarious costumes. The usual Halloween costumes are great but if you want to cause uproar the best thing to do is to wear something whacky.

Take a look at the top 10 most bizarre Halloween Costumes. Costumes got crazier this year and more creative which made people stand up and take notice. Things that we use in our day-to-day lives were brought out very hilariously. If taken in the right spirit, these costumes could give us a good laugh.


1. Elvis with a camel toe


A huge guy having nothing left to the imagination sports the costume and if you look hard enough you can see what I mean. With everything flabby, this is such a let down to Elvis Presley fans worldwide. Look away girls!


2. Creepy Bert & Ernie as gay Muppets


They look straight out of a Batman and Joker Movie. Only this time Batman is missing and Two Jokers are present. A rubber duckling in hand does not help make this a presentable picture either.


3. Bat Child


All grown up with a caption that he was found in a cave; totally taken from the cover of World Weekly News. Not a pleasant sight but definitely better than the rest of costumes that have made us queasy so far.


4. Poo Poo Platter


This costume is something that’s really funky as you show up like some large brownies on a plate. This too coupled with some chopsticks. Seems quite interesting, but unusual. You will certainly find this one to be quite different from what you usually see around you.


5. Child Playboy Bunny


If you are someone who loves bunny rabbits, then you’ll surely love the Child Playboy Bunny. This bunny costume is a nice laugh and you would be left wondering with comical emotions when you look yourself up in the mirror with this act on.


6. Human Toilet


If you wanted to have something that’s really weird, this is the one to opt – the Human Toilet. You will be wondering what on earth this costume has – it has a toilet sticking out of it, which is really kind of silly and you will surely find it quite a laugh to wear.


7. Human MacDonald


Dressing up as a human hamburger is quite a fun thing to do. You look like this big hamburger and no one can look quite match up to the funny shape that you assume when you wear this costume.


8.  Milk Carton


This kind of costume does look bizarre, but then if you are someone into trying out whacky and weird things then this is the kind of costume that you would want to try out.


9. Baby Woopie Cushion


If round shapes is what is so appealing to you, you would be thinking of the Baby Woopie Cushion as something that you would really like.


10. White Trash


Wearing a White Trash Can costume certainly seems out of the ordinary. No one would have thought of using a trash can as a costume like this one.

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