Top 10 Golf Courses in the World

Golf is a sport that has gained international attention and continues to become more popular each year.  The sport is attracting a younger generation far more quickly than it has in the past.  There is an ever popular trend of new courses being built and the desire to play on as many popular courses as possible by the avid golfer.


1. Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach

This golf course is located in an area where the golfer is able to hear the Pacific Ocean.  A number of different magazines and other types of media continue to rank this golf course as number one.  For those who are avid golfers this is the one course that they all hope to play and aspire to do well on.


2. Cabo Del Sol

Cabo Del Sol

This golf course is a Jack Nicklaus signature course.  Located in Mexico and along a stretch of beach at the Sea of Cortez, this course is considered to be one of the more difficult courses in the world.


3.  Ailsa at Turnberry

Ailsa at Turnberry

This golf course set in United Kingdom is best known for having some of the most amazing views in the world for a golf course.  The area is surrounded by Isle of Arran and the Mull of Kintrye.  The golfing is considered to be one of the most challenging as the high winds cause there to be a number of other problems that the golfer has to be aware of.


4.  Nine Bridges

Nine Bridges

This unique golf course is located on a volcanic island.  This feature alone is a selling point to many golfers who want to play on the course’s unique terrain.  The island is off of the coast of South Korea.  Some of the other features of this beautiful course are thanks to a team of horticulturists that helped to design the aesthetic beauty of the course.


5.  Valderrama


This golf course in Spain is home to the European Tour’s Grand Finale.  This course is a tough course that has been known as a course that has a unique Spanish styling and offers detailed Spanish charms.


6. St. Andrews Old Course

St. Andrews Old Course

This is considered to be the oldest course in the world. This course has the largest greens in the world and is the area in which the golf course has changed and originated.  This course was thought to have been played on as early as the 12th century.  It is thought that the Romans built the course.


7. Kingston Health

Kingston Health

This golf course is located in the Melbourne area.  This is the premiere Australian golf world.  This golf course has a classic design however it also has a number of different lengths for the holes and the course has a great variety.


8.  Leopard Creek

Leopard Creek

This golf course is located in South Africa close to Kruger National Park.  The course was built and designed by Gary Player.  The wildlife that is seen while golfing in this area is something that makes it an exceptionally exhilarating course.  The area is home to crocodiles, hippos, elephants and giraffes to name a few.


9.  Ballybunion


This course is known as the best sea side course in the world.  The landscape makes this course one of the world’s most difficult.  This is because there are both the seascape to deal with and a number of sand dunes.  This particular location is located on the Irish coast.


10. Augusta


Augusta is known as one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the entire world.  This golf course is something that is also known for the names of the holes which are named after flowers that are growing in the surrounding area.  This course is also known as the home of the Masters which is one of the biggest golfing events of the year.

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