Top 10 Money Making Websites

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6. Epinions


Epinions is another site that pays writers for reviews. However, instead of a single upfront payment, Epinions pays you a penny or two each time someone reads your review page. Epinions has a system in place to ensure that the best reviews are more likely to be read, so it’s essential in making money on this site to write clear, useful reviews. It’s also to your benefit to review items that people search on frequently.


7. Berrymails


This website is a site where the user is paid to read emails.  This website is very time consuming and requires the user to not only read emails but also to utilize specific search engines in order to continue to get these emails.


8. International Offers

International Offers

This website is another website where the user is basically paid to click.  There are two different ways to earn money on this website, one is through clicking on banners and the other is by signing up for relevant websites.


9. Wordlinx


This is another simple way to make money online.  With this website you simply sign in and click on banner advertisements in order to make money.  This offers the user a way to make income however since there are times where there are no advertisements to click on the payment is often very low.


10. Google Adsense


This is an awesome program for those who have websites or blogs as it is a great way to make money through banner advertisements.  This program allows the individual to get paid every time that someone clicks on one of the banners.  This program offers a payout that is dependent upon your sites exposure levels.

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