Top 10 Devastating Hurricanes in American History

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6. Hurricane Donna

Hurricane Donna

In 1960, this hurricane hit the Florida Keys before moving on to Fort Myers, Florida, Gulf of Mexico and then landing in North Carolina, and then into Long island. This storm left 50 people dead and damages were to the extent of one billion dollars in 1960.


7. Hurricane Charley

Hurricane Charley

This was one of the most devastating hurricanes that started on the date August 13, 2004, and devastated the Florida city. This hurricane caused 14 billion in damage and more than thirty five deaths. This storm was unpredicted and took storm watchers by surprise.


8. Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Hugo was also extremely devastating and left seven billion dollars worth of damage. This storm hit South Carolina in 1989 and was accompanied by winds of one hundred and thirty five miles an hour.


9. Hurricane Celia

Hurricane Celia

In 1970 this hurricane struck the area of Corpus Christi, Texas and led to damages worth four hundred and fifty billion dollars by the time it was done. The storm left 11 people dead and many others injured. About nine thousand homes were devastated and over fifty thousand more homes and buildings were damaged.


10. Hurricane Eloise

Hurricane Eloise

Leading to over 21 deaths, this hurricane started in September of 1975 and cost more than one billion dollars at the time. Winds accompanying the hurricane had speed of one hundred and fifty six miles an hour, and this was the first serious hurricane which completely destroyed the area.

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