Largest Underwater Volcanoes

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Most often the eruptions of the underwater volcanoes go unnoticed. When an underwater volcano visibly erupts it can be spectacular. The following are some of the largest underwater volcanoes.

1. Kolumbo, Santorini Island

The Kolumbo lies about 8 km northeast of Cape Kolumbo, Santorini Island and I an active underwater volcano in the Aegean Sea. This is one of the largest underwater volcanoes in the world but has not seen any major eruptions for a long time.


2. Mt Marsili, Europe

Mt Marsili is one of Europe’s largest submarine volcanoes which is active according to scientists who have been monitoring it continuously. This mountain rises to an altitude of 9800 feet from the Tyrrhenian Sea bed and can cause large tidal waves in southern Italy if there is an eruption.


3. Aleutian Islands, Alaska

An underwater volcano in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands has become active. This volcano is cone shaped and is found below the waters close to the Amchitka Pass, which lies between the Bering sea and the Pacific ocean. This volcano has a height of 1,903 feet and can erupt at any time according to scientists.


4. Morro Rock in California

This was a part of volcanoes known as “Nine Sisters,” formed millions of years ago. Though this largest submarine volcano is not active anymore it is monitored by scientists constantly. The base of Morro rock is filled with broken boulders. Visitors are allowed to go closer to this area to have a view of this volcanic plug. It is a series of ancient volcanic plugs that line the Los Osos Valley between the cities of San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay.


5. Heimaey, Iceland

Iceland witnesses volcanic eruptions frequently. In 1973, Heimaey, the biggest island of the Vestmannaejyar archipelago, showed great volcanic activity. The volcano actually lies in the northeast part of the island.


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