Top Ten Cool Cruises

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1. Honeymoon Cruise on Your Own Private Yacht


Does it really matter where you cruise if you are traveling on your own private yacht? Does it really matter if you even leave the dock if you are traveling on your own private yacht? For the record, the most popular private yacht cruises go all around the Hawaiian Islands or from San Diego south along the west coast of Mexico. In the summer, a long and leisurely cruise from the Grand Banks south to Key West appeals to many; and others enjoy a private cruise from Barcelona to London along Europe’s west coast.


2. South Seas Sailboat Charter


Take the last recommendation and make it warmer, more exotic, and less civilized. Book your cruise on a seventy-five foot sloop or ketch and sail around in the South Seas sunshine for as long as you want without ever really going anywhere. If it suits you, you may travel for weeks without seeing land, people, or five bars on your cell.


3. San Francisco to the Mexican Riviera Sailboat Charter


During the summer, the prevailing wind blows steadily out of the Northwest, the perfect power for a big sailboat headed almost directly south from the Golden Gate to the warm waters off Mexico. Sailing along the west coast of North and Central America, you may put in at a dozen colorful sea ports, or you may sail steadily southward letting the continent fall beneath your eastern horizon. The rhythms of sun, moon, and tides will replace your hectic daily schedule; and, most nights, you will dine on the Pacific delicacies you just caught.


4. A Disney Family Cruise of the Caribbean


Lots of premium cruise lines operate boats all around the Caribbean, but only Disney built its ships exclusively for family travel, and only Disney outfitted its ships with signature Disney touches in every square inch. Disney-friendly cruise experts recently did the math, concluding that you and your family can travel around the Caribbean on a Disney cruise ship for less than it will cost you to pilot the family mini-van across the United States to visit grandma. Which sounds more like your fantasy of ideal family travel? If you’re worried that you may grow tired of the kids all bunked-in with you in close quarters, rest assured that parents have been known to go whole days and nights without seeing or worrying about their children. The boat has more than enough to keep them amused.


5. The Old-Fashioned Cruise from New York to London


Opulent, luxurious, the height of Victorian elegance. A place where high tea and seven-course dinners seem perfectly appropriate and it would seem just silly not to dress in formal attire for the evening meal. A place where string quartets are comme il faut and the occasional symphony orchestra by no means seems out of place. You can still book the ultimate five-star passage between London and New York, crossing the Atlantic in the grand style of European Royalty at the turn of the twentieth century. Travel experts assure that they have that iceberg thing perfectly under control.


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