Top Ten Cool Cruises

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6. A Cruise of the Mediterranean


Think of a cruise around the Caribbean except with culture, history, elegance, refinement, and a more varied menu. You may cruise all the biggest Mediterranean seaports, or you may cruise among the Greek Isles. Hard-core touring favors the cities. Hard core romance favors the Isles. Your favorite may vary.


7. A Disney Family Cruise from Los Angeles to Alaska


The most important word here is “Disney.” For the first time, during the summer of 2010, Disney will cruise from Los Angeles to and through Alaska. As they launch their two new Caribbean and European ships, Disney Cruise Lines move Disney Magic to the Pacific. A Disney cruise would be indescribable fun even if the boat never cast off from the dock, but going north to San Francisco, Seattle, and Alaskan fjords to Anchorage gives the family a chance to see the American west coast from a whole new perspective. And, on the off chance you still have not had enough fun for one vacation, you can extend your stay with a couple of nights at Disneyland.


8. Miami to Los Angeles through the Panama Canal


You travel through four or five countries and seven hundred years of colonial history without ever leaving the tropics, and you shop in more exotic markets for more rare and precious cargo than you can find collected in any other place with a buffet, turn-down service, and chocolates on your pillow. You get the best of not only the Caribbean but also Central America and two of the United States’ most diverse cities.


9. Riverboat Cruise through the Netherlands


Of all the ways to tour Europe, learn a language or two, immerse in a culture and escape as far from your ordinary, everyday life as possible, a riverboat cruise through the Netherlands certainly must number among the very, very best. Think of your riverboat as a floating bed-and-breakfast, and imagine waking up each morning to the sight of windmills turning in the distance or a vibrant, modern city appearing out of the fields, begging for your exploration. No, your riverboat will not have a buffet or karaoke night, but it will have comforts and charms big old steamships cannot rival.


10. Gondolla Cruises around the World


Rachael Summers, a travel consultant for Walt Disney Resorts, put together this interesting cruise package as a honeymoon tour for one of her best friends; it takes some planning and expertise, but it gives you a chance to cruise in some of the world’s most exotic and beautiful places. The operative word is “cruise” as a verb, not as a noun; “cruise” as in feel the boat moving and drink in the scenery as it goes by. Rachael arranged for the honeymooners to stay in Venice, Italy, cruising everywhere by gondola. Then, they stayed in Paris, cruising leisurely along the River Seine; after Paris, the couple moved on to London, where they cruised the River Thames. From Europe, the pair traveled almost half way across the world to the Grand Canyon, Arizona, where they cruised the Colorado River, and then they retired to the honeymoon suite at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, which has its own indoor canal system and transports newlyweds everywhere by, of course, gondola.

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