Top Ten Immigrant Cities

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6. London, England UK


While the British Empire spanned the entire globe, British subjects of all colors and cultures went to London for education and acculturation; the tradition persists as the best and brightest from the former colonies still flock to Oxford, Cambridge, and the constellation of prestigious post-graduate schools around them. Just as importantly, however, refugees from war-torn countries around the world have settled in London, and ethnic communities have grown-up all around the city. Although terrorist attacks have increased traditional British xenophobia, and severe economic depression has limited refugees’ opportunities, London remains


7. Paris, France


Probably the world’s most cosmopolitan city, Paris always has attracted expatriates from around the world. Although the French are complete snobs, haughty and indifferent to everyone un-French, they grudgingly tolerate all cultures, languages, and ethnicities. In the last few years, Paris has struggled to accommodate a huge influx of Middle Eastern and north African refugees, and the city has witnessed some ethnic violence; but steady economic recovery has eased the tension considerably. Native Parisians have only one request: Apprendre à parler français.


8. Berlin, Germany


While the wall stood, Berlin had a landmark showing the intersection of east and west. Now that the wall has come down and promises to stay down, east and west meet more amicably in Berlin. Traditional German culture and values still prevail in the city, but it has become home to thousands of eastern European, Eurasian, and northern African refugees, and the cultural mix easily has accommodated them. Apparently, good beer is a spectacular cultural lubricant.


9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Arguably the most open-minded and tolerant city in the world, Rio is famous among North Americans and Europeans for its beaches, and tourism thrives. More importantly for newcomers, however, its economy is changing dramatically, creating new opportunities for eager entrepreneurs. Although the international community recognizes the importance of saving the Brazilian Rain Forests, it also acknowledges the Forests’ promise. As researchers and scientists unlock more of the Forests’ secrets, international trade in agricultural and pharmaceutical products will flourish, and the city along with the country will complete the modernization they began in the middle of the 1960’s.


10. Johannesburg, South Africa


After elite international football teams contest the World Cup in Johannesburg next summer, the whole world will see how the once repressive state has evolved into the world’s strongest multi-cultural democracy. The South African economy is flourishing, rapidly expanding, and diversifying. The country remains one of the most mineral-rich places on Earth, and the precious natural resources support burgeoning manufacturing of all kinds. Most importantly, the South African government sponsors apprenticeship and academic programs for upwardly mobile workers of all backgrounds.

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