Top 10 Cult Fiction Bestsellers

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6. The Dice Man (1971) by Luke Rhinehart

This is a story of a psychiatrist who takes decisions based on roll of a die. This book is loosely based on the author’s own life. Since it contains chapters based on sexual experimentation, murder and rape, this novel has been banned in several countries.


7. Crash (1973) by JG Ballard

This is one of the classics of underground literature. The book is so gory that a reader suggested the publisher that the author is beyond psychiatric help. The story revolves around a TV Scientist who experiments sexual atrocities among crash victims.


8. Neuromancer (1984) by William Gibson

One of the most influential sci-fi novels, this novel was the inspiration behind the film ‘The Matrix’. The concept of Cyberspace and Virtual Reality were introduced by this book.


9. American Psycho (1991) by Bret Easton Elis

The main protagonist Patrick Bateman is a Harvard alumnus. He works on the Wall Street at day and spends the nights doing ghastly things to young women. The book was very controversial when published and continues to be so, no wonder it has a cult following.


10. The Celestine Prophecy (1993) by James Redfield

This is the journey of a person to unravel nine spiritual insights on an ancient manuscript in Peru. The story is seen through the narrator’s point of view as he goes through a spiritual transition. The author’s intention originally was to write a parable but he made it a novel eventually.

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