Top Ten Popular Animals In Films

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There are some cute and furry animals that have had their unique place in good movies. The cuddly animals were seen in many movies which became great hits also because of the special effects and graphics used in these movies. The following are the top 10 popular animals in films.


1. Up – Dug the Dog

Dug, the dog with an adoring smile and big brown eyes will make every dog lover see this movie again and again. The person who voiced for the dog is Bob Peterson who is an avid dog lover himself.


2. The Fantastic Mr. Fox – Mr. Fox

In the movie Mr. Fox comes across as a good and urbane husband who outsmarts a group of stupid farmers. He gives up a crime filled life for a job that is straight forward.


3. The Hangover – The Tiger

You can see the tiger ending up in a bathroom of a hotel in Las Vegas. It is terrifying to see the tiger on the prowl looking for its meat snack. It didn’t have to act much; its mere presence will make the spectators go hysterical.


4. The Princess and the frog – Prince Naveen the Frog

Prince Naveen the frog is the main character in the movie. After seeing this film, we’ll no longer be seeing frogs as slimy ugly creatures. There is the place where the frog transforms into a dashing young prince which will remain in our memory forever. The voice for the frog is given by Bruno Campos.


5. Where the wild things are – Carol the Wild Thing

What animal the wild thing is, one is not sure about. It looks like a sort of a monster with horns, fur etc and is seen stomping around everywhere. Carol comes across as a wild creature with great feelings of anxiety and depression, but she wishes to have a happy group of creatures surrounding her which is why she gains points.


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