Top 10 Handguns

In this article, I’ve prepared a list of Top 10 best Handguns on the market. If you’ve been searching for some great pistols/firearms, you are on the right place. Always ensure that your gun is stored in a safe place and is kept away from children at all times. For more information regarding Top 10 Handguns for Self Defense please visit the link provided.


1. Glock-17

Glock is a series of semi automatic pistols designed and produced by Glock GmbH of Deutsh-Wagram, Austria. It has been in service since 1982. It has an extensive plastic structural content. It has a short recoil locked breech; tiliting barrel action fires amongst others a 9x 19mm Parabellum cartridge is used by the Austrian military and US Law Enforcement agencies. Glock pistols have become the most profitable line of products, taking up 65% of the market share of handguns in the United States, in spite of preliminary opposition from the market due to strength and reliability concerns.


2. Smith & Wesson .500 S&W Magnum

This company is the largest manufacturer in the United States. Their guns are used in many Hollywood films such as Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry. The .500 S&W Magnum is considered the best commercial sporting handgun cartridge by the muzzle energy it makes. The gun is a double action revolver, which provide clients with power and velocity. No gun has been able to imitate this. However, due to high recoil, it is not for novices and should be used with caution.

3. FN Herstal FNP-9

This semi-automatic and polymer-framed pistol is part of a series made in the United States. The trigger is unique, wide and smooth, unlike many polymer guns. The reset furthermore is short and different. This makes the gun simple and accurate to use. Magazine capacity for the 9mm is 16 rounds in the magazine and one in the tube.


4. Beretta 92

The Beretta 92 is of Italian origin. It fires a 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. It has been in production since 1975 and is in service in the Italian, French and US military. The Beretta 92’s open slide design guarantees even feeding and discharge of bullets and allows easy clearing of obstacles.


5. Walther P99

The Walther P99 is a semi automatic pistol of German origin. It is manufactured by Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen… It is used by the German police, Polish police and the Finnish army. .It fires a 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. And has short recoil operated, locked breech action. It has a muzzle velocity of 1339ft per second.


6. QSZ -92

The QSZ -92 is recoil operated locked breech pistol and uses a rotating barrel locking system. Its country of origin is The Peoples Republic of China. It uses a 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge and is manufactured by Norinco at the Changfeng Machine Shop. It has an effective range of 50m and has a muzzle velocity of 1148 ft per second.


7. M1911 pistol

This is a single-action and semi-automatic handgun created by John M. Browning. It was used by the US army from 1911 and 1985, especially during WWI, WWII and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. It has now risen to become the finest type of the 20th century; making it popular among civilian shooters in competitive events.


8. Mark 23

The Heckler and Koch Mk23 are of German and United States origin and consist of match grade semi automatic pistol, a laser aiming module and suppressor. It is the standard pistol meant for the US Special Forces. It has a short recoil DA\SA action and has an effective range of 50 Ms. It has been in production since 1991 and comes with a 12 round detachable box magazine.


9. HS2000/XD

The HS 2000 is of Croatian origin and is produced by HS Produkt D.o.o. The company’s most successful product HS2000 is a polymer framed semi automatic pistol. It is the standard issue of the Croatian army and is popular amongst the US law enforcement agencies. Furthermore there is grip safety that prevents the pistol from firing without depressing a lever at the back of the grip.


10. SIGP250

The SIG P250 pistol is of mixed American and German origin. It is made by JP Sauer and Son and Sig Sauer Exeter. It is a semi automatic pistol. .whose action is based on recoil operation and comes with a 17 round magazine. It has iron sights with a 147 mm base.



Sweeney, Patrick (2008). The Gun Digest Book of the Glock (2nd ed.). Iola, WI: Krause Publications.


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72 Responses

  1. David P.Curcione N.R.A.

    1.FN- Model-57; is Caliber is 5.7 X 2.8 to, number 1 First in line too! Semi HandGuns is #1 & Number #2 Hectler & koched,USP Semi-pistal is, a 9mm caliber to: 2nd in line too! 3. 3rd is Sig Sauar Semipistal is 9 X 19 mm Caliber too!

  2. David P.Curcione N.R.A.

    1.Second Place is: Glock Semi-Pistal is 9mm Caliber too! 2.Heckler & Koch 23 is 9mm Caliber only too!3. The Qsz-92 Made by China Norinco co. Mfg too! Caliber is 9 X 19 Caliber only too! 4. In Germany Mfg is Walter co. called P-99 Semi- Handgun too.Caliber is 9 X 19 mm too! 5. Iltaly mfg is Beretta-99 is caliber is: 9 X 19 MM ammo only too! Finland mfg is sig Saur Mfg is Sig-250: Semi-Pistal is 6 Shot of the 9 X 19 mm Caliber only too! Im Germany is no#1 Pistals Glock Semipistal is Caliber is 9 x 19mm or all Calibers too! True!!! Thankyou,

  3. joe

    9mm ???? if you have a 9mm and even if you hit the guy first and he has a 45 he might die in two days but your toast right now.

  4. Josh

    First..most of these pistols are decent but not one single person can deny that 65% of people in the concealed carry public own either the glock 23, glock 19, or the glock 27. Also, these pistols are wonderful. Every police department in the country is either issued a glock 23, or a model 22. The FBI carries a glock 22, the secret service carries a glock 27, CIA carries a glock 27, ATF carrys the glock 23 rtf2 model. That is enough proof that glock is all around the best well crafted firearm on the action triggers..there interchangable.. you can buy a glock 21…that is the full size .45 and you can stick the barrel from the model 22 .40 in it and it will properly function, and you stick a model 17 barrel in it and it will do the same thing. Glock has more accessories has a better look, is more accurate than almost any other gun on the market…AND…YOU CANNOT BREAK THEM…EVER! they are the single most durable guns EVER made.

    now when it comes to the 9mm and .45 subject

    discount hunting: i agree with you on the price of ammo..very cheap…but this gun is really only good for home defense, not for concealed carry…very long.

    Joe: I dont understand what you mean when you say “if you even hit the guy” at 15 ft “which is the longest distance you should ever be firing at a person for self defense reasons” a 9mm is going to be more accurate solely because the round isnt as heavy. The .45 cal begins to drop as soon as it leaves the barrel..and the 9mm doesnt have as much recoil, so it is easier to recover from the springback and allows you to get off more shots than the .45 “True Statement.” Look up the statistics on the two guns. People only carry the .45 because of an ego trip. Its not about the gun you have sir..its all about the operators skills. .40 caliber is the most practical round to own in these moderate times for a handgun. One shot to the chest with a hydroshock hollowpoint will drop a man up to 280 lbs …proven.

    So i guess the moral of this story is to get yourself a glock 22, 23, 24, or a 27 Those are the .40 models that glock makes. 🙂 have a wonderful day.

  5. Josh

    The FNP is a great design, but the 45 does have issues. I just sold off my FNP 45 because it had a major issue with the rim of my 185 gr JHP’s catching solidly on the blunt edge of the feed ramp so consistently and in such a way that I nearly had to disassemble the pistol to dislodge it. I have photos if anyone cares to see. It worked fine with 230 grain, but I refuse to depend on a gun that demonstrates such an awful failure with any loading. As for the FN 5.7, unless you’re able to buy the armor piercing rounds, I’d say it’s worthless for antipersonnel use. Who wrote this list anyway?

  6. Lou

    Hmmmm. This kind of reads more like a fantasy list than a practical guide. And these guns are pretty much mainstream choices as well.

    I’d say, good luck practicing with a 45 or finding ammo for it in a pinch. Practice equals effectiveness and you can’t defend yourself if you can’t locate the ammo. At least with 9mm and 40, the ammo is more or less plentiful and at least in the case of 9mm, it’s inexpensive, so plenty of range time. List needs more Bersas and CZ’s IMO.

  7. Frank Brady

    The Croation HS2000 (number 8 on the list) is sold in the U.S. as the Springfield Armory XD and is available in .45 ACP, .40 and 9MM. It definitely belongs on the list and yours truly would rate it well ahead of the Glock (which should also be on the list). The Glock’s Euro grip angle makes it difficult to shoot for grownups used to the 1911A1 (which should absolutely be first on the list).

  8. Shootist66

    I’d sure like to see some of that 5.7×2.8 ammo. Cartridges must look something like hearing aid batteries.

    For Mr. Curcione (NRA, no less): Just what is a ‘pistal?’

    And for that other self-described ‘expert,’ Josh: You say that the .45 begins to drop as soon as it leaves the barrel. Well, I’ve got news for you. So does a 9mm…and even a 22-250. And all at the same rate, by gum…ie, at 32 feet per second squared.

  9. Big Dave

    For the life of me why is the FN 57 number 1? Expensive ammo? If you want a better choice based on ballistics the CZ 52 would make a better choice. The loads are so hot that’ll shoot through one of them blue helmets.

  10. Chris

    “The .45 cal begins to drop as soon as it leaves the barrel..” So does any other round… it’s called gravity.

  11. David

    I personally carry a Colt Defender. It should be no. 1 on this list. The 240 grain bullet which has a low velocity renders the 3″ 1911 the absolutely most controllable, accurate firepower on the planet today and into the foreseeable future. The safety features of the pistol are remarkable as well.

  12. theforge

    First the FN 5.7 is not appropriate for concealed carry or even as a service pistol. The ballistics the the 5.7 match a .22 magnum. It isn’t even a battle proven firearms. The Sig 250, REALLY? I shoot in matches with many police who have been issued these and they ALL hate them. The trigger pull sucks, the balance sucks, the reliability sucks. A Walther, this is a European only police gun, no real gunfighter would carry one of these. Seems to me the person who made this list is from Europe (because there are not serious calibers listed) and he selected guns based on how cool they looked.

  13. Bill

    I agree with most posters, this list was written by somebody who knows next to zero about handguns. Of the ten on the list, the only one I would even consider is the H&K USP.

    Lou, where do you live? Under a rock in the middle east? The .45 ACP is one of the most ubiquitous rounds out there, you can find .45 ACP under the seat of a fishing boat in northern Alaska for goodness sake! Wake up man.

  14. Bill

    Oh, by the way, the H&K USP is available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, not just 9mm as the author of this tripe seems to not have noticed.

  15. JRT

    No Browning/FN Hi-Power? How can this be a top-10 list sans the venerable, reliable, ergonomic and just plain good-looking P-35, the grand-daddy of all high-capacity nines? And what of the often-imitated and ever popular M1911? And what of the CZ-75, perhaps the original—and arguably the most frequently copied—“wonder nine”?

    And despite the author’s strangely narrow (and, in the issue, somewhat confused; for a revolver *is*, without question and despite the position of its chamber(s), a *handgun,* fully capable of one- OR two-handed operation) definition of “handgun,” I find it strange that a “top 10 HANDGUNS” list would exclude all double-action revolvers, including powerful, accurate and infinitely reliable service and civilian classics like the S&W Model 19 Combat Magnum. Could it be that the list-maker exclude revolvers because they have fallen out of favor with armed state agencies in the past couple of decades, and are now predominately used by civilians? If so, he/she ought to say.

    Perhaps the list should more accurately be titled “Top 10 SEMI-AUTOMATICS Handguns,” then. Or maybe even “Top 10 Handguns CURRENTLY Used by State Agents Worldwide.” But even within these parameters, the present list would still have an element of randomness about it. In any case, if one is going to make such a list, one ought to be more clear about selection/exclusion criteria.

  16. jk

    This list was evidently compiled by a Euroweenie judging by the dominance of 9mm models…which Europeans think is “powerful” for some reason, and the fact that the author still refers to the XD as the HS2000. Of the 10 listed, only the XD, Glock, Sig, and HK belong, in my opinion, although the HK and Sig are out for me since they are overpriced and I do not like double/single action pistols. If the author insists on only listing guns from Europe, where is the CZ75? It is a far better gun than the piece of junk Barretta.

    If is stopping power you want, nothing touches a 230grn .45 ACP hollowpoint. Also the S&W M&P has proven itself a deserving contender on this list. And last of all, failure to include the 1911 means the author has no credibility whatsoever.

  17. jk

    Oh, BTW Mr. author, the term “handgun” refers to any weapon without a buttstock that can be fired with one or two hands, including revolvers. It is the term “pistol” that diferentiates semi-auto handguns. If you are going to write on a subject, it may be a good idea to research it first.

  18. Syd Barrett

    The HS2000 (Springfield XD) and the Glock are great guns. The Sig and HK models are as well but are simply too overpriced. Where is the 1911 on this list? Or the Browning High Power? Or the CZ 75? The QSZ and Beretta are junk and the FN 5-7 is a 5.7 x 28, not 2.8. The author is sorely in need of some research on this subject.

  19. djdanno13

    It seems to me whoever wrote this list has only played video games. Almost none of these guns deserve to be on a top ten. Least of all the Sig250 and the QYZ92. It’s been said before, but really any top ten list should have guns that have had major historical significance. The only two on this list to come close would be Glock, Mk.23 Beretta 92 and to a smaller degree the FN fiveseven. I would have also included the Sig 210, CZ75b, M1911, Browning High Power, Colt SAA, and S&W Model 3.

  20. jk

    I honestly do not see the Beretta 92 as having any historical significance. It has been widely purchased and issued by the U.S. military and several law enforcement agencies but has never distinguished itself as a particularly good pistol. I guess it comes down to the criteria used to compile the list, which we do not know. My top ten list would be based on accuracy, reliability, and quality. After that we could all debate about stopping power vs. shot placement, yada, yada, yada.

  21. Edwin

    I have to agree with the people who think that the 1911 .45 ought to be on here and that this list cannot possibly be taken seriously without it.

    I would also include the .357 magnum.

  22. Josh

    First..I’m not an “expert” and don’t claim to be. I just know, what I know being a Certified Master Glock Armorer, and Concealed carry instructor. The Glock “safe action pistols” are carried by more concealed carry public, and more federal agencies than any other pistol in the WORLD. That is a FACT. I myself own 4 glocks and thats all I will carry. Nobody can deny the glocks reliablity. The only glock that has ever had a major malfunction is the model 36 subcompact “slimline” .45 acp. It is the only glock that has ever backfired and busted the polymer frame….they were the first handgun company to come out with the polymer frame. Some years later, almost half the gun companies in the market have used that frame on the weapon they produced…keltec, springfield XD (great gun,..but STOLE! glocks “safe action” trigger), S&W sigma..( which besides the trigger is a COMPLETE glock knock off), ruger, and there are several more, and no sir ian the united states secret service was issued the glock model 27 .40 at the beggining of 2006 with the trijicon night sights and the extended release, simply because it packs enough power and is easier for deep concealment..

    last thing…before anyone tries to say my statements about glocks 110% reliability, and durability. Go to and look up the glock torture test…

    Also if you own a glock… go to and check out the “mic holster” and there new “razors edge” holster,…only for glocks but it is for deep concealment…great holster, and good deals check them out.

  23. Pat

    i would take a beretta PX4 STORM IN .40 Cal any day over a glock. and i have a glock and px4. the px4 feels 100x beter and shoots smother to. i do like glock but think they are over rated because they feel like crap in you hand! ill rank a beretta px4 in 3rd place and a glock in 5th place. in first place would be the Heckler and Koch USP, 2nd the Beretta 92

  24. Brandon

    dude i agree with josh on this one..glocks are soo much better than those horribly designed berettas…btw pat you can even spell bro..glocks all the way YEAH!

  25. Doc Holiday

    No colt 45 = you’re an idiot.

    Shit for brains that think a 9mm is good for combat scenarios end up dead.

  26. explodingmellons

    It’s all about the shooter, not the gun!
    I’d have to agree with about 90% of the folks on here, This guy “aint-no-American! and if he is, he’s more than likely from California” To not even mention the colt m1911a in a review about hand-held, lead chunkers is just…..blasphamous!!! Not a single revolver on the list either, even tho they are about the same as an AK47 in reliablity, life-span, and functionality: i know my .38 “Saturday night” special fires just fine every single day of the week!!! Infact the only dis-advantage to the revolver is the fact that: a guy with the FN 5-7 has 20 rounds and you’ve only got 5-8 rounds depending on cylinder meaning he can keep shooting while you have to take cover and reload. That being said….. ONE SHOT is all it should take (2 if your a follower of the “double tap” school of thought).
    and in a gunfight….A Man who is calm, direct, and capable in the line of fire, is a truely dangerous man whom can turn the tables when he raise his weapon and fires an accurate shot, as opposed to a gang-banger coward who takes cover and empties mag after mag over the hood of his car, afraid of his own shadow!

    Few People realize that the course of world history and USA’s history has been altered by a gun that at the time cost 19.95$, shoots like shit, and IMHO is ugly as all-hell!!! It’s called the 6.5 × 52 mm Italian Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle, (It) was aimed and fired multiple times succesfully at a presidential motorcade in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963…. it just goes to show: the numeric value of your gun has no barring as to how accurate, reliable, or effective the weapon actually is.

  27. GTR

    Who made this list again??

    Someone who apparently knows little/nothing about handguns, which SHOULD include revolvers as well.

    And putting that five seven at nummber 1…seriously?!!??!

    That thing shouldn’t even be able to look up and be close enough to the top 10 to see it…

  28. mike

    where 2 start…. sig 220 elite.or 229.238.239..kimber cdp2 for carry..any kimber..ruger gp100…colt 1911..H/K..and so on… alot of law enforc.. are goin 2 sigs( great choice in my opinion) alot of good guns in the running.. everyone will have a diff opinion

  29. Ty

    WOW…way off. Im not a huge Glock fan but it should be in the top 3, apparently cost wasnt taken into consideration(being that the most exspensive gun was number 1). And no 1911 models? Kimber or Springfield should most definetely have made the list and whats up with this QSZ??? Never heard of it, try CZ out of the Czech Republic if you want foreign. Then you put the new SIG compact on there? Im pretty sure the 226 is one of the most popular pistols ever, how did you over look that? Oh and I’m pretty sure the Walter p99 was a flop, try a S&W 5906. The fnp-45 is pretty new to put on a Top 10 Best but its a good gun. At least you remembered Beretta…

  30. Blue Crow

    I just wanted to comment on the whole 9mm lacking stopping power argument. The 9mm self defense rounds made today, such as the Rem. Golden Sabers, Speer Gold Dots, or Hornady TAP rounds have great one shot reviews. I have used and studied most, and the 9mm round has come a long way. I own a first gen. Glock 17 and a gen.3 Glock 27. I would hate to get hit by either of them in a shoot out, with the right ammo. But, I always carry the Glock 27 S&W 40 cal. with Sabers or TAP rounds, and have total confidence of a one shot dispatch.



  32. fogoman

    Funniest of all is that #2 (Beretta 92) is actually a PELLET GUN!! Yes, a pellet gun! Take a look at the writing on the side. It says .177/4.5mm! Even funnier because I own this very gun. How it ever ended up on a list of the best “real” handguns is beyond me! Great job compiling this list, folks!

  33. Ret.Special Forces: LT.Pyle

    I know from experience in the military & now in a private security contract organization, that the weapon is only as good as the person firing it!! After all my years of training and exercises while in the special forces; the key to terminating a target “in this case a armed personal/enemy” is simply Two Words…. Shot Placement!! This is the key in any situation.. There’s several weapons & accessories that improve or increase your potential while engaging a confirmed target.. However, as for the Top Handguns for any military personal, gov. agency, or just a citizen is widely opinionated.. I personally would choose & like Glocks, HK’s, Sig Sauer’s, Kimber’s, Colt’s, Berretta’s & FNP’s!! My Favorites are Glock 17, 19, 22, 27, & 21; All 1911’s ” the godfather of handgun’s”; The FNP 5.7 is extremely fast & will go through armor w/ the right ammo obviously and I personally used this but in the P90 w/ amazing results!! As for the 9mm vs. .40 vs. the .45; it is always Ammo quality that makes damn good results but obviously the .45 is the one shot ticket to the holy land.. But don’t get it twisted for one second the 9mm is a devastating round w/ the right ammo & the .40 cal is just down right nasty; you got to love the snap and the stopping power it holds!! Thanks for reading.. **Remember; you always control the outcome of a situation when your prepared for the worst; because most likely that’s what your in for!! Thanks again; until next time… “Advance, Infiltrate, & Hold Your Ground” *****Most Importantly: “Live Instead of Exist” ***** ** LT. PYLE Ret. Special Forces

  34. JimmyH452

    I love how HS2000 shows a pic of a Springfield XD. Seriously who made and or edited this list.

    Not to mention that half of these guns don’t belong anywhere near a top ten list. How is the SigP250 on this list rather than a P226,229 or 239?

  35. Franco

    Anybody that brought a 9mm to a hog hunt would be laughed right out of town. Anybody that believes in a guaranteed one shot drop is waiting to be a corpse.

  36. Allen

    Josh, I would suggest you do some research and quit just being a glock fanboy. The US Secret Service Special Agents and Uniformed division officers do not carry Glocks. They carry Sig P229 chambered for the .357 Sig round. That said, nothing wrong with Glocks, but lets not make them out to be more than they are.

  37. Steven

    @David P.Curcione N.R.A. – You’re talking about the FN Five SeveN 5.7x28mm, right? Yeah, I have no idea how it did not make the cut for this list. This list is off in more than just the omission of the FN Five SeveN, but also the Sig Sauer P226. The P250?!? Man, where is the “History” behind that particular choice?? And as far as Sig’s go, I’ve owned a P226, a P229, and most recently a SP2022.

    “The SIG SAUER polymer framed pistols has earned an enviable reputation and proven track record of reliable performance in the hands of law enforcement professionals. In December of 2004 the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command at the Rock Island Arsenal awarded SIG SAUER a contract for 5,000 SIG SAUER SP2022 pistols chambered in 9mm.” – Sig Sauer Official Website

    I’ve loved every Sig I’ve ever owned. Also every Beretta – including the “px4 Storm”. I imagine I will love the FN Five Seven, when I get my hands on one, as well.

    Overall, weird list.

  38. Joe

    Only a complete douche goes for a 50 cal pistol. Sure S&Ws is well made but even so it’s still horribly impractical and complete overkill unless you are somehow face-to-face with a pissed off elephant. Seriously, only douche bags go for BS like that. Most of the rest of the list is questionable, only about two or three I could see deserving of the list, but after seeing the number 2 I realize the kind of person who wrote the list.

  39. David P.Curcione

    1 Let Cut down the Number of Handgun Mfgs Companies,Corp,I.N.C to ten Maim Mfg Copanines too!

  40. David P.Curcione

    1.Let Cut the Number of Handgun Mfg Names A to Z. to Let Limit it copanines up to Five Main Mfgs only is a Maxium Cap Limit in the U.S.a. too!! The Long Gun Mfgs to Names A.To Z Maxiun Cap limit up to 5 Mfgs in the U.S.A. Rifles & Shotguns Mfgs too! Is Maxium Cap Limit too!

  41. Fabuloso

    Glock 17 or 18? Beretta 92FS over Beretta 93R? Also why is the 1911A1 so far down the list? where is the Automags, the Hardballers? This list sucks. Also the Sig Sauer P226 is a great gun! I love me some .40 S&W sweetness. I’m also curious where the Colt Delta Elite is? The Mauser C96? Alright guys let’s write a new list!

  42. Fabuloso

    *Glock 17 over 18? Also you forgot one more little beauty while were on Handguns, strictly pistols, revolvers should have their own top 10s. But what about the Browning HP-35? Mean little sucker, I’d add that to my list in the other comment if there was a edit button!

  43. Fabuloso

    Lastly I’m quite shocked anything from CZ didn’t make the list, they’ve made some fine pistols over the years, then again considering the other omissions I guess I’m not THAT shocked 😛
    Throw in a CZ75B it’ll do ya some good! Also you guys are right the FN Five Seven shoulda def made the list. And the HK USP, always loved that gun. That’s about all the great pistols I can think of. Besides about 4 on the current list.

  44. Just sayin'

    What criteria were used to choose the weapons? Were they most sought after, most expensive, most government contracts, most powerful, or most fun to write about?

  45. David P.Curciond

    1.Clock-17,2.Sig-259 Semipistal 3.H.D.2000/XD 4Walter-P-99 4.Mark-23 SemiPistal %.M1911 SemiPistal Semiautomatic 5.QsZ-92 SemiPistal 6.FN.Hersteal Fn/P-9 7.Beretta-92 (9mm too.

  46. NOM1

    1. M1911

    2. Sig P210

    3. Glock 17

    4. CZ 75

    5. CZ 99

    6. HK USP

    7. Beretta 92FS

    8. Walter P99

    9. Jericho (Baby Desert Eagle)

    10. MK.23

  47. clint

    Smith & Wesson .500 S&W Magnum

    Is a hand cannon for men with small penises.

    Granted, I’m old

    My Great Great Grandfathers 1911 has served my family well.
    I’m here today because of it.

  48. Miniman

    I think that guns are safe but a Berreta 92 shan’t be on it fam. Peace out mother Fuckers 😀

  49. JamesSmith

    Why are there so many people going for the M1911. Unless it is Kimber, there is not much tactical about it. This is my list:

    10. Glock 22

    9. Browning Hi-Power

    8. Ruger SR9

    7. Sig P229

    6. Beretta M9 (92FS)

    5. FN Five-Seven

    4. Kimber 1911

    3. H&K MK23

    2. H&K USP45

    1. Desert Eagle

  50. Kerry

    “The Beretta 92 is of Italian origin. It fires a 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge.” Bullshit. Talking of douchebags and the like, you guys are freaking unobservant as moles. Whoever wrote this story needs to get their eyes checked. Without enlarging the picture even I as blind as I am, can read the stamp on the gun. MOD 92 FS – cal.177/6.5mm I’m thinking that would be a good way to piss off some perps.

  51. Anthony DiGiovanni

    The 500 that is stupid , but as they say opinions are like assholes ,every body has one ! This is one choice dumb as it is.

  52. Bill Marx

    Best hand guns hands down!!!

    Anything made by Cabot Firearms or Wilson combat,. Period.

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