Top Ten Best Water Parks – A Must Visit

During the hot summer months, people throughout the world seek water parks to cool down and have fun with the whole family. In colder climates of the world, such as Canada, indoor swimming facilities are available and a hot commodity. Many water parks are connected to resorts or shopping centers, including Atlantis Aquaventure in the Bahamas and Edmonton’s World Waterpark. According to various publications, including Forbes and New York Times — some international water parks stand apart from the rest because they are family oriented, fun to walk around and the slides are phenomenal.

Most of these parks provide season passes. If you know you are going to go there for a trip, buy the season passes early, so that you can take advantage of discounts and other coupons that may or may not be available in the summer or high season.

1. World Water Park



The World Waterpark is in the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Ontario, Canada. It is the largest indoor water park in the world with an area of over 6 million square feet. This 5-acre park features 17 water slides, the Blue Thunder wave pool and the world’s tallest indoor, permanent bungee-jump tower. Concessions are available at the Beachview Bar. This is a must view for any tourist who goes to visit the rocky mountains, You cannot visit Albert without going shopping and having fun at the The World Water Park.


2. Water Country

This exciting water park in Virginia will make you remember the Beach Boys. There are several modern features in this popular park ranging from exciting flume rides to river rafting adventures which can keep you relaxed at Water Country.


3. Wet n’ Wild Water World


This waterpark is the biggest water park in Australia. It is open all the year round unlike many parks. There are many new additions that have been added to this park lately. The Tornado is an exciting ride and there is also the Blackhole.

Wet’n’Wild Water World is situated in Oxenford, Gold Coast, owned by Warner Village Theme Parks. In 2009, the park received over 1 million visitors ranking it first in Australia and eighth in the world. Wet’n’Wild Water World is located right beside Warner Bros. Movie World, a movie-related park also owned by Warner Village Theme Parks. The park remains open all year with all of the pools and slides heated during the winter months.


4. Sandcastle Waterpark


You can get to see beautiful castles in UK. Sandcastle is the biggest indoor waterpark in the UK. This waterpark has many attractions suitable for many age groups. The Masterblaster water coaster is the biggest water coaster in the world.


5. Las Cascada Water Park


This is the biggest park in the Caribbean which was built in 1985. The park has several things to offer whether it is speed rides or places of relaxation.


6. Noah’s Ark WaterPark


Noah’s Ark has over 60 water slides and is a notable water park in the world. The park extends to over 70 acres and includes two wave pools, children’s play areas, lagoon pool and two rivers. The notable slide is the Time Warp, which drops to over 70 feet.

In October of 2012, a building shaped like an ark at the entrance to Noah’s Ark Waterpark was destroyed in an early-morning fire. The park is closed for the winter and the building was empty at the time of the fire, which was reported by a passer-by at 2:33 a.m.


7. Schlitterbahn


Schlitterbahn is one of the biggest water parks in Texas which also has several superb water slides which are really worth a try. You can also find a Schlitterbahn at New Braunfels, one at South Padre and the most recent one in beautiful Galveston.


8. Wet n’ Wild


Orlando is famous for its superb travel attractions. You can go straight to Wet ‘n Wild, where you can enjoy some great water activities by enjoying some of the best rides in North America. In this park you can enjoy many thrill rides apart from other exciting water rides. The Brain Wash is a very famous ride here.


9. Chimelong Water Park


This park in China is the largest water park in the world as it has 1 million square feet of water with several attractions. This park has a superb ride called the Behemoth Bowl. There are other spectacular water rides as well in this park.

Recently in 2012, Chime Long introduced the first Family PythonTM in China, which is also the first Family PythonTM with double MEGAtubeTM sections. Chime Long officials are excited with the early results and their expectations are already exceeding beyond expectations!  This expansion, also including an Extreme River and children’s area, has brought in over 50,000 guests in a day, putting Chime Long again in the running for the world’s highest attendance record!


10. Sunway Lagoon


The biggest waterpark in Malaysia, Sunway Lagoon is situated near the Kuala Lumpur area. This place is crowded by visitors all the year round. There are a number of unique water rides which can be found in three specific areas. They are Waters of Africa, Wild Wild West and World of Adventure. You can even spend time in the surf area which has many palm trees and lost of sand.

It was officially opened by the Prime Minister on April 29, 1993. It features rides in both the water park and the nearby amusement park. In late 2008, new parks were added and minor improvements were made to the old one. The park is home to the world’s largest wave pool, measuring impressive 139,800 square feet.


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